Friday, 5/12 Quick Hitters

-Someone please tell me how and why the Rockets lost by 39 points at home last night when the Spurs were playing without arguably two of their top 4 players?

-And no, James Harden didn’t quit on his team.  Don’t we all remember previous Mike D’Antoni teams collapsing in the playoffs? (Hint: think Suns – Nash and Amare era).


-They should change the motto for the NBA playoffs to “Where the dramatic DOESN’T happen.”

-Either way, comparing the NBA playoffs overall excitement level to that of the NHL isn’t fair.  The NHL’s playoff product is so, SO much better.

-Oh yeah, GO DUCKS!  Conference Finals Predictions: Ducks in 7, Penguins in 5

-I can’t believe that the home team has NEVER thrown a no-hitter in Chase Field history. Zack Greinke gave it a good effort last night but to no avail.  He made that $230 million contract look semi-legit for one night.  OK – that last sentence may be pushing it a bit…

-Anyone remember Jose Jimenez?

-If you had told me that on May 12th, the Cubs would be .500 (17-17) with no major injuries, I would’ve bet you a million bucks that wouldn’t be the case.  I’m getting VERY concerned that a World Series repeat isn’t in the cards this year.

-The fact that I’m talking about a World Series repeat is still good enough for me for the time being!

-Speaking of teams that continually underachieve, I wanted to do a post on UofA basketball this week but there are still so many variables out there.  Will my favorite player on the 2016-17 team, Rawle Alkins come back or stay in the NBA Draft?  Who else will UofA bring in for the class of 2017?  Either way, we’re likely looking at a Final Four-caliber team.  More discussion in the coming weeks.

Please come back to school, Rawle!

-Who’s more annoying, this guy or LaVar Ball?  Yep…LaVar.  Marlins Man is legendary…even more so now.  Wow (on so many levels)!

-It’s corny and I don’t like the Bears, but the We The Fans: Section 250 show on ESPN was pretty darn entertaining.  Interesting concept.  Hey ESPN, any thoughts on doing Section 24 at Arizona Stadium this Fall??

-I’m so ready go get into fantasy football prep – next week I’ll give you some thoughts on my top 12, potential rookies to own, and a league format idea.

-Finally let me close with this…I met Cassandra Kirkland during my junior year of college. I didn’t know her well, just that she was on the golf team and from France. We hung out only a few times that I remember but she was friendly and kind…and a hell of a good golfer. When I read this story from Greg Hansen in the Arizona Daily Star in 2015, I reached out to her on Facebook and let her know that I was rooting for her and hoped she would get well to come visit Arizona again down the road.  Lung cancer shouldn’t happen to any 30 year-old, much less a non-smoker and athlete. We hadn’t been in touch since but when I saw her Facebook profile go empty this week, I feared the worst.  Turns out that Cassandra lost her battle with cancer last week. Once again, the world lost a fine person far too soon due to this cruel disease.  Rest in peace and my thoughts are with her family and friends.



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