Confessions of a Diehard (and Depressed) Arizona Football Fan

Confession: I’ve been to 143 college football games in my 34 years on this planet. 118 of them have involved the University of Arizona. I’ve missed a total of four home games in Tucson since 2001 and have attended every ASU-UofA game since that same season. I drive roughly two hours from my home in Scottsdale to Arizona’s campus for each game despite many of the drives home being in the wee hours of the morning.

It’s safe to say that I’m a diehard fan.

But enough is enough.

This picture is from the 4th quarter, with UofA trailing by 6 points. Where are all of the fans???

I really liked the Rich Rodriguez hire in 2011. He’s a nice guy, great at fan functions, and was a splashy hire for a program who needed one six years ago.

His first three seasons were great all things considered, including a Pac-12 South Championship in 2014.

Two years ago THIS WEEK, ESPN’s College Gameday was on the mall with Old Main in the background! Arizona vs. UCLA was the PRIMETIME game for the entire country to see on ABC. Final score: Bruins 56, Wildcats 30.

Since then it’s been downhill and it culminated with this on Friday night:

Arizona lost its 2017 Pac-12 opener to a ranked Utah squad on Friday night, 30-24. And the game was SO winnable!

As I told two friends who came with me who had never previously been to a UA game in Tucson, it was everything Arizona Football has been since the Dick Tomey days all rolled into one game.

Among the things we saw from UofA on Friday night:

-A fumble on the Utah 2 yard line
-2 field goals blocked
-3 interceptions including one on its own 14 yard line which was run back for a score
-A missed catch by running back Nick Wilson who could’ve walked into the end zone.
-A 4th down misread by QB Brandon Dawkins who missed a WIDE OPEN Trevor Wood for a score.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 1.49.18 AM.png
-A successful onside kick immediately followed by a Dawkins fumble in the red zone.
-Five total turnovers!

Rodriguez got one thing right before the 2016 season. Bringing in new defensive coordinator Marcel Yates from Boise State has proven to be a success. Case and point:

Yates appears to be a keeper.

But the offense, RichRod’s specialty, is clearly flawed…most notably at the quarterback position. I commend QB Brandon Dawkins for his effort and performances against ASU the last two seasons. But it’s now evident that Arizona will not be a winning football team with him under center.

Seriously folks – RR can’t actually believe this, right?

My first year as a student at UofA was in 2001…the same year John Mackovic took over the head coaching job for Arizona’s football team. Things got so bad over the next several years that in 2003, the players essentially revolted and Mackovic, a no-personality, lackluster former NFL coach was unceremoniously fired in-season.

Though team morale isn’t near those 2003 lows apparently, fan support clearly has reached those lows and something must be done.

So new Arizona Athletic Director, Dave Heeke, I have a challenge for you.

Find a coach who could be a lifer at UofA. A coach who won’t flirt with schools like South Carolina. I know Arizona football isn’t a destination job to most…but to others, it sure is one. Get creative…find someone who is willing to recruit their butt off…get the players uber motivated…encourage fan support…be active in the community!

A successful football team equals a successful athletic department. Simple math can tell you that (or just ask former UofA AD Greg Byrne, now at Alabama).

For those of us diehards, please do something…and soon. We love Arizona football and want it to succeed. Unfortunately it’s evident to all, the program at this juncture, is headed down a dark path.


4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Diehard (and Depressed) Arizona Football Fan

  1. After our conversation last night, listening to the post game show on the way home, thinking about how distasteful the whole situation is of our football team and reading your blog, I couldn’t agree with you more. Dawkins clearly does not know how to read a big 5 conference defense. This comes from not being taught properly along with talent.
    RichRod needs to go for:
    A: Being dishonest with the fans with the whole South Carolina debacle
    B: Dissing his players during PAC-12 media day saying it’s too hard to recruit great players to Tucson
    C: Putting a terrible product that passes for an offense.
    Yes, Eric, I agree with you RichRod’s time has come and now it’s time for him to go.

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    1. Thanks Dario! You are also the definition of a UofA diehard and I’m always glad we have the chance to sit near each other in Section 24. Here’s to hoping things change one way or the other. I hate advocating for people to lose their jobs…but in this case…


  2. Grass isn’t always greener on the other side. I say keep coach rod he’s trying to get it right. This team is just a quarterback away from being really good. Defense has been on the upswing now fix quarterback situation and wildcats are rolling. I just don’t see anyone coming to Arizona and being this great savior you guys seem to think is out there

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    1. Not sure I agree, Realistic Fan. Our players are small comparatively…looking at the size difference between Utah and Arizona last night was staggering! I believe we are much more than just a QB away. If Jeff Brohm can go to Purdue and make them look respectable, why can’t someone comparable do that at Arizona?


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