Monday Musings – 10/23: The Cardinals stink but at least ASU & UofA have hope…

I’m scrapping the Four Downs format for this week as there’s just TOO much randomness to discuss in the world of sports. It’s a Quick Hitters-type of column…but I’ll call it Monday Musings.

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-What an astonishingly pathetic effort by the Cardinals on Sunday…but…I’ve got good news for all of you Arizona Cardinals’ fans. After the 33-0 loss in London to the Rams, it’s apparent that your team will be bad enough to finish among the top-10 worst records in the league. Worse record = higher draft pick = better chance to select a franchise QB.

Cardinals Rams Football

-Cardinals fans: start learning the names Sam Darnold (USC), Josh Rosen (UCLA), Josh Allen (Wyoming), and Lamar Jackson (Louisville).

-After suffering a broken arm against LA, I’d be shocked if this wasn’t Carson Palmer’s swan song. Either way, sad to see him go out this way.

-What the hell was this guy thinking? The first part may be true…but Carson Palmer in the Hall-of-Fame? With what, ONE playoff win to his credit? Stupidity at its finest.

-To say that I was impressed with ASU’s performance at Utah was an understatement. The offense moved the ball at will and the Sun Devils’ defense dominated against a fairly decent Utah offense. The score, 30-10, was much closer than the game itself.

-Survive and advance. That’s exactly what UofA did in Berkeley on Saturday…45-44 in double overtime as Cal missed the game-winning two point conversion on the final play. I thought the officiating in the game was borderline horrendous but Wildcats QB Khalil Tate was unstoppable throughout. To say he’s been a revelation in the last three games is an understatement,

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 7.18.16 PM.png

-For those of you who remember the last Cal-Arizona finish in 2014 (they didn’t play the last two seasons), it’s safe to say these two teams put on the most exciting games against one another. Get ready Tucson in 2018!

-UofA is 5-2 and ASU is 4-3…not even the most diehard of fans on both sides could’ve expected a season like this. Going into the year I was down on both teams…there was no way either would be bowl eligible? This goes to show all of us the unpredictability of sports, especially college football.

-Think about this for a second: both Arizona teams – Pac-12 South contenders. My predicted national champion, Florida State, not likely to make a bowl game. Weird season to say the least.


-And no, Rich Rodriguez and Todd Graham are no longer on the hot seat. They might be candidates for extensions at this point surprisingly enough.

-In the NFL, the Chicago Bears won a game in which their QB, Mitchell Trubisky, attempted 7 passes. Who do they think they are, 2016 UofA (vs. ASU)?

-The Miami Dolphins are easily the worst and most pathetic 4-2 team in NFL history.

-The Atlanta Falcons have only scored 7 points in their last 90 minutes of play against the Dolphins and Patriots. Guess it’s safe to assume that former University of Washington and USC head coach Steve Sarkisian isn’t the right fit as Atlanta’s offensive coordinator?

-Meanwhile the Buffalo Bills are a surprising 4-2 and without a doubt can be a playoff contender if they can continue to win tight game after tight game.


-Tennessee could only manage 4 field goals against easily the worst team in the league, Cleveland? Sorry fantasy owners who started Marcus Mariota, DeMarco Murray, Derrick Henry, and other Titans players. That game was the prototypical definition of U-G-L-Y.

-As a Packers fan, THIS:

-Stat of the week courtesy of my curiosity:
Odd weeks (1,3,5,7): Jaguars 140, Opponents 23
Even weeks (2,4,6): Opponents 87, Jaguars 53
For those keeping score, they have a bye in Week 8.

-While this is true, it’s also not a good way to endear yourself to your teammates:

-Three teams shut out (AZ, IND, DEN) in Week 7 + three others who didn’t score a TD (CAR, CLE, TEN). And the NFL wonders why their TV ratings are declining. Not a banner week of games played for the league.

-Three touchdowns, on national TV, against a previously dominant Michigan defense = guaranteed Heisman Trophy frontrunner…well done Penn State RB Saquon Barkley!

-Notre Dame 49, USC 14. How did this happen, Trojans? Makes me wonder if USC checks out again the next two weeks vs. ASU and UofA.


-TCU 43, Kansas 0. Rushing yards…TCU: 191, Kansas: minus-31. How are the Jayhawks consistently this horrendous?

-Oklahoma State 13, Texas 10 in OT. It’s a good thing 99.9% of sports fans don’t play college fantasy football (the projected over/under was 65).

-As much as it pains me to say this, Dodgers in 6. Not sure if and how Houston can win on the road.

-The Suns are 0-3, Eric Bledsoe wants out, and on Sunday afternoon, coach Earl Watson was fired. Probably a good thing for all involved. I suggested shipping Bledsoe out this summer but GM Ryan McDonough unfortunately doesn’t read this column. Hope you took the under 29.5 wins in Vegas! 19.5 may be too high.

-In addition to their winless start, the Suns have a combined point differential of minus-92 and the Coyotes are 0-7-1 with a goal differential of minus-16. Throw in the Cardinals and all that’s left to say for AZ pro sports fans is…Spring Training can’t get here fast enough.


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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings – 10/23: The Cardinals stink but at least ASU & UofA have hope…

  1. Pro football is a joke and isn’t worth my viewing time in person or television. Overpaid entertainers who think something is owed to them and have lost that basic love of the game.
    If the Suns lower the ticket prices I might go. I used to love going to Veterans Memorial Colosium, paying $20 sitting in the nosebleeds (which were still a good view of the game) and having a great time, good or bad season.
    College ball is where they play with passion, leaving it all on the field/court. That’s what makes it so much fun. Most of the players know they’ll never go any further so they give their all.
    As far as U of A football goes I’m pleasantly surprised. Tate is an incredible quarterback and has revitalized the team. ASUs Defense has come on strong and will be a force to be reckoned with. Winner of these two vs Stanford for the PAC-12 championship.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank God for fantasy football or my NFL viewing might’ve seriously declined by now. The college game is just more fun. And be careful of Stanford in the P12 North…the Huskies and Cougs might have something to say about that!


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