Recapping my 2017-18 NFL & CFB Predictions: How did I do?

I think it’s well-documented on this blog that I like to make predictions. While I may not be entirely accurate all-the-time, they’re fun to write and hopefully to read. With only one meaningful game left in the NFL season (sorry, Pro Bowl), here’s a recap as to how I did making picks and predictions from last Summer through last weekend. Enjoy!



Regular Season: 171-85 SU (66.8%), 141-114-1 ATS (55.3%)
Playoffs: 5-5 SU, 4-6 ATS
I’m going to give myself an A grade for hitting 2/3 of games straight up and going a very respectable 55% against the spread. I have a feeling it will be hard to repeat that kind of success next season.

College Football
Regular Season: 98-42 SU (70.0%) , 67-72 ATS (48.2%)
Bowls: 23-17 SU
The straight up record was nice but I was downright lousy ATS…worthy of a C- grade overall. If not for the carnage on New Year’s Day, my bowl picks would’ve been A LOT better.


NFL Regular Season: 46-37-2
Playoffs: 9-5
Combined Record: 55-42-2
Really good stuff here – hitting at nearly a 57% clip. Hope you followed along and made a few bucks every now and then. Grade: A

College Football Regular Season: 39-35-1
Bowl Season: 6-10
Combined Record: 45-45-1
A 50% overall winning percentage is a C grade…nothing more, nothing less. I was too inconsistent on these picks especially late in the season and into the bowls.

Overall NFL & CFB Combined Best Bets Record before Super Bowl LII:
100-87-3 (53.5%)

Best Bets: Finding Value In NFL and College Football Team Win Over / Unders (link)
From 7/19/2017
NFL: 3-7
CFB: 5-3-2
Giving myself an F in the pros as I was WAY off with predictions on Denver, the NY Giants, and Tampa Bay. Fairly solid for my college picks…a B grade will suffice considering I hit 5 of the 8 that counted.


NFL (link)
Records I predicted correctly: 2 (Baltimore, Cincinnati)
Correct playoff teams: 6 (4 AFC, 2 NFC)
Other than picking the Eagles to make the playoffs and the Patriots to win the AFC, I was WAY off. Overall grade: D. I should’ve stuck with my earlier prediction model that had the Jaguars going 10-6 and winning the AFC South. Had I stuck with those predictions, I would’ve correctly picked 5 of the 6 AFC playoff teams but still only 2 of the 6 in the NFC.

CFB (link)
I nailed Alabama as my preseason #1 team (not hard) but picking Florida State to beat them in the championship game was pretty awful. I called a down year for Michigan and correctly nailed Washington to the Fiesta Bowl but overall I’ll give myself a C- for accuracy.

PAC-12 (link)
Correct Overall Records: 3 (Utah, Colorado, Stanford)
Correct Conference Records: 2 (USC, California)
Correct Bowl Placement Projections: 2 (Washington, Stanford)
Some things to like here – including the accurate picks I made above. But thinking ASU would be awful and Oregon State improved were way off. Overall grade: C+


Weekly Predictions
PPR HERO: 5-12
PPR ZERO: 12-5
Overall grade: D-. Not good here – I should’ve been a lot better predicting the underrated players to find success on a weekly basis; going 5-12 in that area doesn’t work. 

Fantasy Football 30: Players I like and don’t like this season (link)
From 8/2/2017
Tough to grade this one but I’ll say 13-17 best case scenario for me – need to do better next year!

Needless to say I need to significantly improve by the time next Fall rolls around!


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