My 2018 MLB Predictions

If you’ve been reading Cohen’s Corner for long enough, you know that usually I like to make predictions. And with baseball season beginning this Thursday, here are my projected records for each team, playoff predictions, and award winners in each league! I have a feeling I’m going to be fairly accurate this season…


American League

New York Yankees 95-67
Boston Red Sox 92-70
Baltimore Orioles 74-88
Toronto Blue Jays 74-88
Tampa Bay Rays 69-93

Cleveland Indians 96-66
Minnesota Twins 82-80
Chicago White Sox 72-90
Detroit Tigers 70-92
Kansas City Royals 68-94

Houston Astros 101-61
Seattle Mariners 89-73
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 86-76
Texas Rangers 77-85
Oakland Athletics 70-92

Wild Card Game: Mariners over Red Sox

Division Series: Astros over Mariners in 3, Indians over Yankees in 5

Championship Series: Astros over Indians in 5

National League

Washington Nationals 98-64
Philadelphia Phillies 78-84
Atlanta Braves 76-86
New York Mets 74-88
Miami Marlins 62-100

Chicago Cubs 96-66
Milwaukee Brewers 85-77
St. Louis Cardinals 84-78
Cincinnati Reds 73-89
Pittsburgh Pirates 72-90

Los Angeles Dodgers 95-67
Colorado Rockies 88-74
Arizona Diamondbacks 83-79
San Francisco Giants 78-84
San Diego Padres 73-89

Wild Card Game: Rockies over Brewers

Division Series: Cubs over Dodgers in 5, Rockies over Nationals in 5

Championship Series: Cubs over Rockies in 6

World Series: Astros over Cubs in 5 games


AL: Carlos Correa (Astros)
NL: Charlie Blackmon (Rockies)

Rookie of the Year
AL: Shohei Otani (Angels)
NL: Ronald Acuna, Jr. (Braves)

Cy Young
AL: Corey Kluber (Indians)
NL: Max Scherzer (Nationals)

Manager of the Year
AL: Scott Servais (Mariners)
NL: Dave Martinez (Nationals)

Quick random thoughts while putting these predictions together…

If anyone outside of the Yankees and Red Sox has a winning record in the AL East, I’d be utterly shocked. Same with the Indians and maybe the Twins in the AL Central. Houston is by far the best team in the AL…not terribly close talent-wise if they stay healthy. The Mariners and Angels will be in a season-long race for the second Wild Card spot. Hard to pick anyone other than Houston to repeat as AL Champs though.

I’m BIG on the Rockies this year as you can tell…they have all of the makings of a huge upside team as long as their starting pitching holds up. If he doesn’t miss much time due to injuries, Jon Gray (Rockies) is a darkhorse Cy Young candidate…his pitches are that good. The Cubs’ starting staff is so much deeper than in previous seasons (bye bye John Lackey) and they shouldn’t sweat too much in the NL Central. Milwaukee is improved though and St. Louis is always in the mix. Washington is hands down the best team in the NL East and if they don’t win the division by 10+ games, it’s a stunner. The NL West will once again be the most competitive division – even the Padres are gaining ground. Sorry D-Backs fans, your team is good but has too many question marks to be considered a true playoff contender (as I see it).

Going with two of last year’s top candidates, Correa and Blackmon as this year’s MVPs. Correa might go 40-125 while Blackmon has 30-20-110-110 potential. Otani from the Angels can’t be nearly as bad as he’s shown in Spring Training…what other top AL prospects will be up in the big leagues long enough to compete for Rookie of the Year? Acuna from the Braves has all the makings of a star as soon as 2019. Kluber and Scherzer are so consistent and I’m worried about injuries with Sale and Kershaw in their respective leagues. Servais should have Seattle much improved and Dave Martinez captures the best record in the NL in his first season as Nationals manager.


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One thought on “My 2018 MLB Predictions

  1. Diamondback Hater!!!!

    Seriously though I dont disagree too much



    Nationals over Diamondbacks in 5
    Cubs over Dodgers in 4

    Nationals over Cubs in 6

    Red Sox

    Red Sox

    Astros over Red Sox in 4
    Indians over Yankees in 5

    Astros over Indians in 6

    Nationals over Astros in 7


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