2020 MLB Playoff Predictions

Like I said would happen all along, baseball made it successfully through their regular season. Sure they had their share of bumps (and COVID interruptions) along the way…but a postseason is set to be played which quite a few people wouldn’t have believed 12 weeks ago.

And I’ll be honest, I’m very intrigued by the 16 team playoff tournament for this abbreviated season only. Obviously keeping this format for a full 162 game season would make the regular season mostly irrelevant so hopefully the owners don’t let greed and money get in the way.

Recapping my regular season predictions:
-7 of 8 playoff teams in the AL (substitute Toronto for the LA Angels of Anaheim).
-5 of 8 playoff teams in the NL.
-One correct bullseye for record predictions – the Minnesota Twins.
-Shane Bieber as the AL Cy Young award winner at 6-1 odds wasn’t 

Not too shabby with the playoff teams but disappointing when it came to the lack of other correct record predictions. I might’ve actually done better for a normal 162 game season!

In the meantime, my original playoff predictions looked like this:

Time to make a few revisions with the official field now set.

Five quick observations regarding the bracket:

  1. I’m a HUGE Cubs fan as many long time readers of this blog know. But I have no confidence in them to win an important series right now…and playing the Marlins brings back ugly memories from 2003. Plus Miami has never lost a playoff series in their history (only two postseasons) so all of that adds up to a first round disappointing Cubs exit.
  2. Other than the Cubs-Marlins obviously, the two opening round series’ that most intrigue me are the Indians-Yankees and Braves-Reds. If Cleveland wins their series, it’s due to pitching while Atlanta is going to have to out slug Cincinnati if it has any chance of moving on. I’m picking the Braves to advance but that’s tenuous considering the major difference in the caliber of starting pitchers.
  3. Like I thought in July, Tampa is going to be a tough out with their bullpen depth and ridiculously solid lineup top to bottom even though they’re without the guy I wrongly projected as the AL MVP, Austin Meadows.
  4. If they get any sort of pitching outside of ace Lucas Giolito, the White Sox may be the biggest threat to Tampa to win the AL. I know they scuffled this past week…but a few days off might be what the doctor ordered. A first round upset of the A’s is probable, not just possible.
  5. I’ll fade the Dodgers every time despite a stacked lineup and pitching staff. Maybe it’s foolish and I’ll get burned for it…but give me a young, eager Padres squad over them in a best of 5 series.

On to the new playoff picks:

Sticking with my original World Series prediction but with a different champion. Enjoy what should be as wild and crazy a postseason as baseball has ever known!

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