College Football Week 7 Expert Picks + Updated College Football Playoff Predictions

We’re getting close to college football feeling normal again.

Within the next three weeks, all FBS conferences will be back…with the Big 10 & Mountain West next week, followed by the MAC and Pac-12. Who knows if these games will actually be played due to COVID (at least two SEC matchups including Florida-LSU were wiped out this week + Baylor-Oklahoma State in the Big 12)…but at least that makes December 5th, 12th, and 19th arguably the most exciting three week string in regular season college football history.

So with all teams theoretically eligible for conference titles, I asked the ‘experts’ who they like in the two Power 5 conferences about to resume:

Big 10:
Eric – Ohio State over Wisconsin
Adam – Ohio State over Wisconsin
JB – Ohio State over Iowa
Steve – Ohio State over Minnesota

Eric – USC over Cal
Adam – Oregon over ASU
JB – USC over Washington
Steve – Oregon over USC

While all of us think the Buckeyes dominate in the Big 10, I have to say I’m surprised that JB didn’t pick his alma mater, Wisconsin, to win the Big 10 West.

In the Pac-12, I like the diversity…then again, that’s what a 6 / 7 game season will do.

From there, I asked the ‘experts’ to update their College Football Playoff predictions, which as you’ll see, aren’t too dissimilar.

Looks like a rematch of the 2019 Fiesta Bowl is a common theme…and though Dabo Swinney is 3-0 against the Buckeyes in bowl games, Adam and I think the trend changes this year (but he’s also a Buckeyes homer so…).

On to this week’s picks where I made some progress last week but only because the other three stunk it up! Let’s all do better this week (assuming most of the 9 games we picked can be played).

To enlarge, right click the image above, and select ‘Open Image In New Tab’

Bold Predictions:

EC: As I’m typing this late-Wednesday, both Ole Miss-Arkansas and Alabama-Georgia are scheduled to be played. Something tells me an Ole Miss player was a super spreader last Saturday and I expect both games unfortunately to be postponed. Considering Florida also is in the midst of an outbreak, don’t be surprised if Texas A&M’s game in Starkville also has to be moved.

AL: How bad do SEC defenses look this week, dare I say Big 12 like?  Should LSU give up 40 plus to Florida, which I firmly believe they will, is Bo Pelini gone already? Ed Orgeron was pretty vocal this week about his disgust on that side of the ball…Also, how much did Joe Burrow bailout that team last year and cover up the fact that Orgeron is simply a mediocre head coach?
(Note: This bold prediction was written before the LSU-Florida game was postponed. But hey, the part about Pelini is accurate…wonder if he’ll make it through the season at this rate?)

JB: The way this season is going I wouldn’t be shocked to see Georgia and ‘Bama face off three times. Round one goes to the home team, but barely. After last week’s defensive embarrassment in Oxford, Saban has his D ready for Georgia. Saban’s COVID-19 absence along with Bryant-Denny prove just enough to push the Tide on top in round 1.

SM: Notre Dame comes off their big win in name only over Florida State too high and full of themselves and struggles vs Louisville. Ian Book rushes for a TD to give Notre Dame a 34-31 lead with just 20 seconds left on the clock to keep Notre Dame undefeated but many questions remain about how good the Fighting Irish really are…

On to the Pick 5 where I continue to struggle…note that this post might be updated with replacement games if the ones I’ve chosen don’t play (as I predicted above). But if they are a go, I really, really like both Alabama and Ole Miss.

Week 7 Pick 5 Selections:
Last Week: 2-3
Season: 10-15
Cincinnati -3 at Tulsa
Ole Miss -2.5 at Arkansas
NC State -4.5 vs. Duke
Alabama -4.5 vs. Georgia
Steelers -3.5 vs. Browns

ADDED: Lions -3 at Jaguars

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