College Football Week 10 Expert Picks + Week 9 NFL Picks

I’m done with the Harbaugh brothers when it comes to ‘big’ or ‘rivalry’ games.

Twice in 2020 I’ve proclaimed the Ravens -3.5 as a ‘bet your house’ pick. And both times, if you had listened, you’d be living on the streets. It’s just time for me to realize that Lamar Jackson is a very good QB but until proven otherwise, can’t be trusted in big games.

As for Jim Harbaugh, why some Michigan fans continually try to defend him is beyond me. He’s 0-5 vs. his biggest rival, Ohio State, and 1-5 at home vs. OSU and Michigan State combined! Do these same Michigan fans actually want to win a game of significance or is it good enough just having a ‘name’ head coach?

Both Harbaughs are good NFL coaches – heck they met in Super Bowl XLVII and produced a hell of a game. John should continue to be a head coach for as long as he wants…but I’m not picking his teams especially when they’re giving up that extra half point at home!

My advice to Jim: Take $10 million a year from the Jets to coach Trevor Lawrence. It’s a win-win for all sides.

(Note: Of course I’m taking Michigan and the Ravens, both -3.5 this week…figures, right?)

On to the CFB picks where all I can say is: WELCOME BACK PAC-12. WELCOME BACK UOFA FOOTBALL. WELCOME BACK HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE (due to watching bad UofA football)…

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Week 10 CFB BOLD Predictions:

EC: Six one liners from the opening weekend of the Pac-12 slate:
-ASU keeps it dangerously close on the road vs. supposedly an improved USC squad.
-My Wildcats continue to stink on defense and get manhandled by a young Utah team.
-Colorado fans wonder why the hell their team hired a ridiculous re-tread head coach.
-Stanford shows improvement over 2019 but Oregon proves to be just that good.
-Cal shows they have the best defense in the conference in a low-scoring home win.
-The number of combined punts in the WSU / OSU game is under 5.5.

AL: With the debacle that is the Big 12 complete (due to last week’s Oklahoma State loss), I believe this opens the door from another Power 5 conference to sneak in the CFP discussion.  Should Oregon dominate it’s 7 game schedule and win the Pac-12 title, I think the committee would have to strongly consider them.  An undefeated Pac-12 champ vs non-Power 5 Cincy? 1 Loss SEC team, 1 loss ND or Clemson? Will be very interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

JB: Jim Harbaugh’s seat is scorching as the upstart Hoosiers lead Michigan 20-17 with just over two minutes left in the game. Joe Milton calms the flames slightly with a last minute touchdown pass, leaving Michigan’s margin for error razor thin for the remainder of the short season. 

SM: Grant Gunnell proves he is the man and that he is a great fit for the Noel Mazzone system by throwing for 350 yards and 4 touchdowns on an inexperienced but well-coached Utah defense. Unfortunately Arizona still has many struggles on defense especially with breaking in many new linebackers and safeties and the great performance by Gunnell is wasted. But the way the offense performed gives a lot of hope to Wildcat fans for the 2021 season.

(NFL picks, Best Bets, & my Pick 5 selections on the next page)


2 thoughts on “College Football Week 10 Expert Picks + Week 9 NFL Picks

  1. 1. Adam they are coming for you. It might only be 1 game a week but the gap is closing.
    2. There are 3 SU picks that are different between Adam & Eric. Four between Adam & Steve. This should be the week there is a leader change. Not that it matters but I’m with Eric’s picks this week and think he will overtake Adam. However, I don’t think Eric will be the leader after these games. The great Boise State Pick by Steve should ensure he is in the lead Saturday night. Yes that’s my bold prediction, Steve moves into 1st place with SU picks.
    3. Jon gets my vote for the boldest pick of the week. I also feel that ASU will beat USC (sorry Eric).
    4. NFL Picks
    Eric, I believe the:
    A. Colts will win
    B. Seahawks will win
    C. Raiders will win.
    Also, I’ve been up for the past 19 hours and worked 13 of them so this might make no sense to me when I get up in 6 hours but I’ll own it.
    Good Luck to all of you.

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