College Football Week 12 Expert Picks + Week 11 NFL Picks

Week 11 NFL Picks

Last Week: 10-4 Straight Up (SU), 6-8 Against the Spread (ATS)
Overall: 92-54-1 SU, 65-82 ATS
(Picks against the spread in parentheses; HOME TEAMS IN CAPS)

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS 31, Arizona Cardinals 27 (ATS: Seahawks -3.5)
NEW ORLEANS SAINTS 28, Atlanta Falcons 20 (ATS: Saints -4.5)
CLEVELAND BROWNS 24, Philadelphia Eagles 17 (ATS: Browns -3.5)
WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM 26, Cincinnati Bengals 23 (ATS: Washington -1.5)
Detroit Lions 26, CAROLINA PANTHERS 20 (ATS: Lions +1.5)
Pittsburgh Steelers 34, JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS 17 (ATS: Steelers -10.5)
BALTIMORE RAVENS 27, Tennessee Titans 23 (ATS: Titans +6.5)
New England Patriots 24, HOUSTON TEXANS 21 (ATS: Patriots -2.5)
Miami Dolphins 26, DENVER BRONCOS 13 (ATS: Dolphins -3.5)
LOS ANGELES CHARGERS 33, New York Jets 20 (ATS: Chargers -8.5)
Green Bay Packers 27, INDIANAPOLIS COLTS 22 (ATS: Packers +2.5)
MINNESOTA VIKINGS 28, Dallas Cowboys 20 (ATS: Cowboys +8.5)
Kansas City Chiefs 38, LAS VEGAS RAIDERS 27 (ATS: Chiefs -6.5)
TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS 26, Los Angeles Rams 19 (ATS: Bucs -3.5)

5 Quick Thoughts on Week 11
1. If you bet your house on the Cardinals last week as I recommended, you might’ve won or you might’ve lost depending on where you had the line. What an incredible play by Kyler Murray, who might actually fulfill my 2020 MVP prediction I made when he was drafted, and of course DeAndre Hopkins…who has the best hands of a receiver in the league. This week, against a Seahawks team coming off back-to-back losses, I would recommend keeping your house and neglecting to pick a side. I like the Seahawks to win based on the revenge angle but their defense really is that bad…

2. Underdogs ATS and unders seem to be the way to go in the primetime games this season. Not sure offhand what the up-to-date stat is but I’m thinking around 70% for both. Naturally I’m picking all three favorites this week, two of which in high-scoring games. And I wonder why my picks are so bad this season?

3. The fact that the NFC East will have a playoff team, much less one who hosts a playoff game this season is an embarrassment to the NFL. Time to change the ‘division winner gets home field / court / ice’ rule in the different sports. Don’t be surprised if Washington is right back in the mix after a home win against the Bengals on Sunday.

4. Maybe the Dolphins knew what they were doing in benching Ryan Fitzpatrick for Tua Tagovailoa. Miami, despite having a no-name backfield, sure looks like a strong playoff contender at this point with a VERY favorable schedule upcoming.

5. Through Week 10, here is my best guess at the playoff teams in each conference in order…and it’s not easy, especially in the AFC:
AFC: Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Tennessee, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Miami
NFC: Green Bay, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Philadelphia, New Orleans, LA Rams, Minnesota

Sorry Colts and Cardinals fans – I may be very wrong about this…but just a gut feeling. What we see with those two teams this week should tell a lot.

Week 11 Betting Locks
(Last Week’s Result, Season Record in Parentheses)
Favorite (WIN, 5-5): Washington -1.5 vs. Bengals
Underdog (LOSS, 6-4): Packers +2.5 vs. Colts
Bet the Over (LOSS 4-6): Chiefs / Raiders Over 57
Bet the Under (WIN, 6-4): Patriots / Texans Under 48

EC’s Week 11 Pick 5 Selections:
Last Week: 4-1
Season: 24-26
Iowa -2.5 at Penn State
Cal -3.5 at Oregon State
Stanford -2 vs. Washington State
Washington Football Team -1.5 vs. Bengals
Patriots -2.5 at Texans
Added: Steelers -10.5 at Jaguars

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3 thoughts on “College Football Week 12 Expert Picks + Week 11 NFL Picks

  1. Wow, not much for me to complain about this week. Except for you thinking the Cardinals won’t make the playoffs, Good stuff Eric.
    It looks like Jon is going out on a limb with 3 of his SU picks this week. Good Luck!
    Even Eric’s NFL picks aren’t bad. I have 3 picks that are opposite of his. Since I only have 1 more correct pick than he has, I can’t say anything negative.
    My opposite picks this week are:
    Cardinals over Seahawks,
    Falcons over Saints
    Titans over Ravens.
    As I was just writing this I’m thinking those last 2 might be to much of a stretch.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just don’t see the Cardinals sweeping the Seahawks tonight, Papa Mike…nor do I see Atlanta beating New Orleans. Tennessee did whoop Baltimore in the playoffs last year so that’s definitely possible though!


      1. I might be a little upset with the fact Brees was one of my Fantasy QB’s. I feel like the Saints are like a Nascar team hoping their tires will hold up and eliminate that last needed Pitt Stop.
        I know Atlanta isn’t much better but I think this could be their week.
        Go Cardinals beat Seahawks.


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