On Jedd Fisch to UofA, Early CFB Postseason Thoughts + Week 16 NFL Picks

I was going to try and ignore the Arizona Football coaching search in this column but Wednesday’s announcement of career job hopper, Jedd Fisch, as their new coach changed that.

Shame on you (school president) Dr. Robbins. Your nepotism overruled the wishes of the alumni, former players, and fans. I almost feel bad for Athletic Director, Dave Heeke, whose high six figure salary probably isn’t enough to deal with this publicity disaster.

I have no idea if Fisch will be a good hire…maybe he’ll surprise us all…but when a strong consensus of Arizona fans, former players, and alumni strongly backed current San Jose State coach, Brent Brennan, this is a time when the administration should’ve listened.

Like the majority of the Arizona fanbase right now, I’m upset at the process and the arrogance of the search.

Fan apathy for Arizona Football was at an all-time high…and this was a chance to right the ship. Instead an iceberg tore a bigger hole in the vessel. I don’t know how the Wildcats recover from this in the short term and I don’t know how Dr. Robbins and Dave Heeke will also be able to restore their image in the minds of Arizona fans.

How does going from Kevin Sumlin to vagabond Jedd Fisch inspire any confidence? Unless you’re a true diehard nut job like me, why would you want to go watch this team play at Arizona Stadium? How are Heeke and Robbins going to spin this for the fanbase?

And one last question – seeing the outrage amongst fans and alumni, if you’re Jedd Fisch, why do you want this job? Sure it’s a chance to be a coach and make more money…but would I really want to work at a place where people were calling for my head before I ever stepped on campus?

So in summary, no I’m not a fan of the Jedd Fisch hire. I’m really pissed about it actually. I hate how this process went down and I hate that the ideal candidate, Brent Brennan wasn’t hired. Sure, I was wrong in raving about the Kevin Sumlin hire in early-2018. And I hope I’m equally as wrong this time. For now though, anger and frustration is the way to go.

(CFB Bowl thoughts on the next page)


One thought on “On Jedd Fisch to UofA, Early CFB Postseason Thoughts + Week 16 NFL Picks

  1. I see picking against my LSU Tigers bit you in the Butt. You could of at least tied for the best picks but noooooo, you had to pick against LSU. Honestly, I don’t know where that offense came from.


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