On Jedd Fisch to UofA, Early CFB Postseason Thoughts + Week 16 NFL Picks

10 Quick Thoughts on College Football’s Postseason

  1. I don’t care how both teams looked last week, Ohio State shouldn’t be getting 7.5 points vs. Clemson. The Buckeyes outplayed the Tigers in last year’s Fiesta Bowl and it would hardly shock me if they did the same thing again in the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s night.
  2. There wasn’t a good choice for the 4th spot. Notre Dame is overrated as per usual and A&M already lost to the Crimson Tide by 28. The objective should’ve been, which of these teams would be the least underdog to ‘Bama? Probably Florida again but no chance they were getting in with three losses.
  3. We need a 6 team playoff ASAP. 8 doesn’t really reward an elite regular season…6 gives the top two seeds byes.
  4. I feel for Cincinnati…they played the schedule they were given and navigated it successfully. I really wonder if they would’ve been more than 3 TD underdogs vs. ‘Bama.
  5. Coastal Carolina deserved a top-12 bowl over 3 loss teams, Florida and North Carolina. What an embarrassment!
  6. There are too many bowls this year. I love college football as much as anyone but the season was hard enough…play the top 10 bowls or so and end it.
  7. It’s going to be such a shame not watching the Rose Bowl on January 1st (or 2nd or whenever) this year. I get the CFP’s decision…made sense…but still stinks.
  8. I’ll bring back the ‘experts’ next week for our official picks but here are my quick early final four predictions:
    Alabama 44, Notre Dame 20
    Ohio State 34, Clemson 30
  9. Don’t ask me to make a championship pick…but if so, I’d choose Alabama CLOSE over OSU.
  10. I’m glad Army finally got in the bowl as their original omission was a sham…but what about Conference USA champion UAB not having a place to play since their 2-8 opponent (also a debacle), South Carolina, came down with COVID issues.

Speaking of the ‘experts’, congrats to Adam for beating me by a game in our regular season picks while JB dominated the ATS picks despite a lackluster SU record. Well done to those two!

(NFL picks, Best Bets, & my Pick 5 selections on the next page)

One thought on “On Jedd Fisch to UofA, Early CFB Postseason Thoughts + Week 16 NFL Picks

  1. I see picking against my LSU Tigers bit you in the Butt. You could of at least tied for the best picks but noooooo, you had to pick against LSU. Honestly, I don’t know where that offense came from.


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