January 2023 Update

It’s been a crazy last two-and-a-half years since I left Phoenix sports radio but hope you’re still following me on Twitter to see where you can watch and hear my sports takes. I’ve been fortunate enough to transition into the sports betting industry working for my all-time favorite sports analytics website, SportsLine, after an eight month stint with Caesars Sportsbook here in Arizona.

I’m a contributor on the national daily video / audio podcast Early Edge and the sister show, Early Edge in 5 which has been an absolute blast! I’m still making college football picks during the season via SportsLine and hopefully will put up an article or two on this site between now and next season.

And for you UofA fans, there’s a new episode of Wildcat Country every week with Shane Dale and myself. We started that back up in August 2020 and have kept it going ever since with some awesome guests that true Arizona fans have / will enjoy. So thanks for circling back to Cohen’s Corner and hope to post more here going forward!


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