Predicting Every Game of the 2019 NFL Schedule (June Edition)

Cohen’s Corner is back for the first time in a month. I may not write as often these days (being on the radio every weekday for three hours is the culprit) but rest assured, I’ll be delivering plenty of NFL & CFB predictions this Fall as per usual.

For today’s column, this is an exercise I’ve enjoyed doing the last several seasons – picking every game throughout the season well in advance. Some of my game picks are a bit crazy but remember, the NFL is the most difficult sport to predict week-in, week-out in terms of surprising upsets. Heck, there’s a reason why NFL Survivor Pools are so difficult.
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The Cohen’s Corner 2018 NFL Predictions

My grandfather always used to say: “I may not always be right…but I’m never wrong.” In the case of my season-long (and weekly football picks), unfortunately that isn’t the case. Last year I picked the Patriots to run the table at 19-0…and then they lost Week 1 to the Chiefs. This year I’ll hold off on the bold predictions but below you’ll find my picks for every NFL game during the 2018-19 season. My Super Bowl champion is somewhat under the radar at 11-1 odds…can I actually get it right this year? Continue reading “The Cohen’s Corner 2018 NFL Predictions”

August Mailbag: My D-Backs ‘hate’, the Territorial Cup rivalry, multiple favorite teams, my dating life, and more!

We haven’t done one of these in a year – so might as well address some things I’ve received via email and Twitter before football season kicks into high gear. If you have questions for future editions, don’t hesitate to email me at


You come off as such a hater of the local major sports teams, especially the Diamondbacks…what gives?

As of the time of this writing, the Diamondbacks are in first place in the National League West and I’m happy for their fans. But I’m a Cubs fan through and through…so I’ll never be loyal to Arizona’s MLB team.

To me, Arizona sports fans as a whole are fair-weather…that even includes my fellow UofA fans, who simply boycott football games even if they’re winning! Some D-Backs fans annoy me though because I don’t find them realistic…sure I can be a homer just like anyone…but when my Twitter feed is littered with continuous praise of the acquisitions of two relievers with ERA’s of 3.69 (Jake Diekman) and 3.98 (Brad Ziegler), it just adds fuel to my fire!

To those of you who are loyal and REALISTIC fans, I sincerely apologize for the diatribe above. But to those fans who root for the team when they’re good and turn their backs when they aren’t, you’re exactly why I feel the way I do.

Relating to the other teams in town:

Cardinals: I don’t have anything against them and in fact, I’d like to see a surprise season from what Vegas predicts is one of the worst teams in the NFC. Don’t expect a ton of ‘hate’ from me here throughout the season. I’ll objectively praise and critique on-air and online what I see from the team on the field.

Suns: I used to be a big Suns fan when I was younger but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve soured on the NBA as a whole. I’m intrigued by the offseason additions of DeAndre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Elie Okobo, Trevor Ariza and more so if I was to choose a favorite team in the NBA, it would for sure be this one.

Coyotes: I used to love going to games in the late-90s, early-2000s when I actually recognized players on the team…Keith Tkachuk, Jeremy Roenick, Teppo Numminen, etc… Since the move to Glendale, attending weeknight games are next to impossible and considering I can’t name more than 5 players on the roster, I just don’t care about them for now. Wake me up when they become relevant in the Western Conference again.


Speaking of hating things, do you really dislike anything and everything Arizona State as much as you say and write?

YES! If ASU football went 0-12 every season and/or turned into the Pac-12 equivalent of Kansas football, I wouldn’t complain one bit. While basketball coach Bobby Hurley was one of my favorite players as a kid, his constant gyrations on the sidelines annoy me and make me dislike the basketball team that much more.

As I’ve said before (to much criticism), I believe that UofA-ASU is one of the most HATED rivalries in college athletics, especially football. There’s a natural dislike between Tucson and Phoenix and to be perfectly honest, it’s very uncomfortable for either side’s fans to go in their opponent’s stadium. Though I’ve been to every Territorial Cup football game since 2001, I absolutely detest stepping foot in Sun Devil Stadium wearing anything UofA because some jackass usually starts running their mouth unprovoked.

My favorite example of this was from the 2005 contest. Arizona led 20-5 in Sun Devil Stadium midway through the 3rd quarter. There was a moronic kid talking smack to my friends and I almost resulting in fisticuffs between one of them and him in the first quarter. As soon as the Wildcats took command, he disappeared…for hours. Yet as Terry Richardson returned a punt and ASU successfully executed a 2-point conversion in the fourth quarter to tie the game, guess who returned? The Sun Devils went on to win by a field goal with 6 seconds left and I wanted to literally punch the bandwagoner kid in the face (good thing I’m not a fighter in the least).

I’ve heard stories from my ASU buddies of hostile times in Arizona Stadium and that also disgusts me. Boo people all you want for rooting for the opposite team in your stadium…but don’t unnecessarily antagonize them.

Former ASU and Dallas Cowboys QB Danny White (and notorious UofA hater) once told me that he’d root for the ‘University of Iraq’ over UofA. Well I wouldn’t go that far on the opposite side…but the strong dislike is certainly there in my blood.


Some people like to choose multiple teams to root for in every sport – if you were to rank your top-3 favorites in each of the major sports, who would they be?

Good question. I’ve been outspoken as to fans ranking their favorite teams and truly the answer is this – if I bet on a team, I’ll root for them on a given day. Outside of that, I don’t have a top-3 in any sport. Call it the ‘fantasy football mentality’ of sorts. My parents are University of Miami graduates so that was my college team as a kid…so they’re clearly my #2 in football behind UofA. Outside of that, can’t answer this one.


Last year you put together a list of Sports Watchability Rankings. After seemingly enjoying the World Cup in June/July, does soccer move up your updated list.

Surprisingly, no…in fact soccer slipped behind tennis.
Here are the updated rankings (with rankings from last year in parentheses):

20. MMA (Last year: 20)
19. Boxing (19)
18. WNBA (17)
17. LPGA (16)
16. Women’s College Basketball (18)
15. IndyCar (14)
14. College Hockey (15)
13. College Softball (12)
12. College Baseball (13)
11. Men’s and Women’s Soccer (10)
10. Men’s and Women’s Tennis (11)
9.  NHL (8)
8.  NASCAR (9)
7.  NBA (6)
6.  Horse Racing (7)
5.  PGA Tour (5)
4.  MLB (4)
3.  College Basketball (3)
2.  NFL (2)
1.  College Football (1)


You’ve run your own fantasy football league for 22 years without winning it. Why should I listen to your season-long and weekly advice?

Simple: Do as I say, not as I do.

Is your dating life really as bad as you portray it every weekday on The Daily Blender?

Over the course of time, it’s had its moments. But remember, we’re a comedy radio show so some things are a schtick. That’s all I’ll say for now.

Labor Day Special: My 2017 NFL Predictions & Reacting to CFB’s CRAZY Week 1

In honor of Labor Day…here’s a super-sized column highlighting my (official) NFL predictions for 2017 and plenty of thoughts on college football’s awesome first weekend.

What did I really think of UofA’s 62-24 win on Saturday night? Is my national championship pick toast after Week 1? And why didn’t I include Liberty or Howard in my Best Bets from last Friday? Those topics and more in the second half of the blog.

But first let’s talk NFL. Remember my pre-preseason predictions? Time to revise those in a major way. No more Jaguars winning the AFC South. Downgrade the Bills after their preseason sell-off. And I’m adding a surprise playoff team in the NFC.

packers01_15ofx spt  wood
You might be watching these two QBs in Super Bowl LII come February.

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August Mailbag: Cardinals-shaming, the next major sporting event in AZ, and a dating disaster

Back by ‘popular’ demand…the mailbag:

Stop being a Cardinals hater! You’re just jealous that they knocked your Packers out of the playoffs two years ago.
Yeah I wasn’t happy about the result of that game…but how am I hating on the Cardinals? Because I said they won’t win anything of consequence with Carson Palmer at QB? He’s won ONE playoff game in his career…and yes it was in January 2016 against Green Bay. But he’s getting up there in age, has a lousy offensive line in front of him, and I just don’t believe he will withstand the pounding for another 16 games this season. The Cards are a good team…but without superior o-line and QB play, a first round playoff loss is their ceiling.

How do you feel about athletes sitting / not standing for the national anthem?
Honestly I hate it but I get it. If I were a team owner, I would mandate that each player stand in solidarity during the anthem. But in this day and age freedom of expression is more tolerated than ever. If coaches and owners allow it, I guess it’s fine to let the players choose how they act.

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July Mailbag: Sports, Dating, TV Shows, etc…

Well this website isn’t big enough to actually get fan mail but here are answers to a few comments / questions I’ve gotten in the last few months…

Do me a favor and say something nice about the Cubs. Is it possible?
Right now, the ivy on the outfield walls at Wrigley looks good. The team playing on the field in front of it…not so much. Also, doesn’t it figure that the losing pitcher and manager of last night’s All-Star game were Cubs? Dare I say “Wait ’till next year!”

Fine…give me some positive news for any Chicago sports team. It’s just so damn frustrating to be a sports fan of any team in that city lately!
Wait – the Blackhawks won 3 Stanley Cups in 6 years. The Cubs, who hadn’t done anything since basically 1908 won the World Series last year. Yeah the Bears and White Sox stink as do the Bulls…but don’t complain. I’ve always said that one championship is worth at least five awful seasons. Honestly there’s not much hope for the Bears and Bulls in the next few years though.

The Cardinals are going all the way this year…mark it down!
Well St. Louis is in the fairly easy NL Central and if they get pitching, you never know with the October luck. Oh wait…you mean Arizona? Yeah…no chance with your QBs. I might have a better chance of getting a Super Bowl ring in my lifetime than Carson Palmer.


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