Week 7 NFL Picks

The big story around the NFL this week centers around officiating and how awful it has become. For those of you fairly new to the blog, I’m an unabashed Packers fan and while I’m thrilled at the last second win over the Lions on Monday night, I can honestly say that the Packers were aided by several crucial calls courtesy of the refs.

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Week 6 NFL Picks

I’m salty about the NFL right now. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that my fantasy football teams (all 9 of them) are generally underperforming. It’s the fact that the parity in the league might actually be too much! I can’t remember the last time I had back-to-back sub-.500 weeks picking games. […]

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Week 5 NFL Picks

I am a proponent in sports of the ultimate turnaround story. Heck, in the NHL, the St. Louis Blues went from the second worst team in January to a Stanley Cup Championship in June. Nothing is truly impossible…especially after only four weeks. Then again, I might take that back after watching the Dolphins this season. […]

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Week 4 NFL Picks

Right now, if I took the Patriots or Chiefs to win Super Bowl LIV and gave you the other 30 teams, would you take that bet? Would you be willing to bet against the two most powerful and dominant teams in the AFC…the best player in the league right now (Patrick Mahomes)…and the greatest of […]

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