Week 9 CFB Expert Predictions

We’re more than halfway through the college football season so naturally it’s time to revisit some of our preseason predictions. Let’s see where Shane, ‘Bear Down’ Steve, Jon (JB), and I stand through eight weeks:

The Good: JB picking Texas to make the Final Four. Didn’t look so good after Week 1…but since then, that team has been an absolute machine. Otherwise…outside of picking favorites Clemson and Alabama to win their conferences, there’s not much else to like.

The Bad: No one came close to picking Utah as the potential Pac-12 South Champion. I’d be very surprised, the way they are playing now, if they weren’t the South Division’s representative in the Conference Championship Game. None of us chose Tua Tagovailoa as our Heisman winner and three of us picked Clemson to win the National Championship. Yes, the Tigers are undefeated…but the Crimson Tide appear to be the elite team in CFB. And our Fiesta Bowl predictions…yuck!

The Ugly: All four of us predicted UofA to finish 9-3. They’re currently 3-5. And when it came to our disappointing teams this season – Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Michigan were very, VERY poor choices.

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Cohen’s Corner Week 7 NFL Picks

I’ve been saying this on radio all week…Thursday night’s matchup between the Cardinals and Broncos is the “Fire Bowl”. If Denver loses to a pathetic Arizona offense, I can almost guarantee that coach Vance Joseph will be unemployed come the weekend. On the contrary, if Arizona doesn’t produce offensively against a Broncos defense that hasn’t impressed lately, I fully expect offensive coordinator Mike McCoy to be out of a job. So good luck to both teams and coaching staffs in this Thursday night dud…you’ll need it!

Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals

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Week 8 CFB Expert Predictions

Last weekend was the first sign of College Football 2018 Armageddon. Penn State and Auburn – losing at home to teams they easily should’ve beaten. Washington, West Virginia, Miami, and Georgia – falling on the road to teams they had talent advantages over. Four top-10 teams now on life support when it comes to the College Football Playoff. So who’s the next contender to fall this weekend?

Embrace the chaos with our picks below…

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Cohen’s Corner Week 6 NFL Picks

Let’s examine the curious case of the Atlanta Falcons. Somehow a team that was projected by some to go 12-4 has those four losses in only five games with a defense that’s among the NFL’s worst. QB Matt Ryan has averaged more than 300 yards passing per game with 11 TDs and only 2 INTs…and has rushed for 2 more scores on the ground. Of those 11 TD passes from Ryan, it’s stunning that NONE of them have gone to superstar WR Julio Jones.

Ready for a bold prediction? Despite the slow start, Atlanta will crawl back into contention for a playoff spot over the next 6 weeks – mark it down! On to the Week 6 picks below…

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons

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Week 7 CFB Expert Predictions

The big question in college football right now is whether anyone can compete with Alabama. The Crimson Tide have scored at least 45 points in each of their six games this season while having only surrendered 96 points total! It’s staggering…they’re just wrecking teams, albeit none of the teams they have faced outside of Texas A&M have been worth a darn. Ready for a gut pick? This Alabama team loses before the end of the regular season – with games against Mississippi State, at LSU, and Auburn still left on the docket. Though we aren’t picking Alabama-Missouri this week, scroll down to check out the rest of the picks…

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Cohen’s Corner Week 5 NFL Picks

We’re approximately one-quarter of the way through the NFL season…and for the most part we have a good feeling on what most teams are all about. The Rams are really, really good. Pat Mahomes of the Chiefs is really, really good. The Cardinals on the other hand, well not so much. While Josh Rosen gives them optimism for the future, it’s hard to project any more than three wins from a roster that isn’t filled with considerable talent. Jon Gruden’s return to the Raiders also hasn’t been a success considering that without Khalil Mack, the team is left with poor talent defensively.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

I feel like I have a pulse on the league now and therefore my game picks have been solid. Now let’s see if I can get above .500 this week against the spread! A lot of toss-ups among the Week 5 matchups – click below to find my picks!

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Week 6 CFB Expert Predictions

It’s been a rough college football season for me…and we’re only 1/3 of the way through! UofA is 2-3 and there’s simply no reason for optimism coming from the program. Kevin Sumlin isn’t coaching ‘his guys’ and the new offensive system has turned dynamic playmaker Khalil Tate into a substandard pocket passer.

But I’m hopeful that the Wildcats can even their record this weekend against a hit-or-miss Cal team. And to make my weekend possibly better, can the Colorado Buffaloes begin 5-0 with a win over my arch nemesis, ASU? Find out what the experts think below!

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