Cohen’s Corner Week 14 NFL Picks

Here’s the truth folks, Mike McCarthy should’ve been gone years ago…if not later than last offseason. His conservative playcalling in Green Bay has stifled the offense for years…and when you have an all-time talent at the QB position in Aaron Rodgers, more than one Super Bowl appearance is a must. After Green Bay’s playoff choke jobs in 2015 and 2016 (yes both were on the road – Seattle and AZ), a change should’ve strongly been considered. 2017 was a disaster without Rodgers and 2018 arguably has been worse with him!


I appreciate as a Packers fan that McCarthy brought a Super Bowl championship to Titletown (Green Bay)…but I’m overjoyed that he’s now gone. My first choice to replace him would be John Harbaugh of the Ravens assuming he gets canned in January. Not likely but I think he has the motivational tools necessary to get the most out of Rodgers.

And hey Cardinals fans…congrats on your win in Lambeau Field last week. But that definitely did not do anything for your future success as I outlined last week in this space…

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College Football Season Picks Wrapup – Reviewing the Expert Predictions

Looking back at our preseason predictions, it’s almost cringe-worthy to see how awful Jon, Steve, Shane, and I did.

Let’s first focus on what we did get right though:
-All of us had Washington winning the Pac-12 Championship Game and Clemson winning the ACC.
-Steve had Ohio State winning the Big 10 and I had Oklahoma winning the Big 12, though Jon had the correct Big 12 matchup with the wrong result.
-We all chose Alabama vs. Georgia in the SEC title game with three of us getting Alabama’s win correct.
-All four of us had Alabama and Clemson in the final four…though no one would’ve predicted Notre Dame or Oklahoma’s success.
-Jon called USC as this season’s most disappointing team and he very well might’ve hit this one on the nose.


Now for where we really messed up…

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Cohen’s Corner Week 13 NFL Picks + Advice for Cardinals fans

Here is some advice for you, Cardinals fans…root against your team to lose…not for blowouts like we saw in LA last weekend but instead close games. You SHOULD WANT GM Steve Keim and first year coach Steve Wilks to lose their jobs. You SHOULD WANT to finish 2-14. You SHOULD WANT to get a fresh start. Because right now this team STINKS and as of now the prospects aren’t too much better for the future.


Is Josh Rosen a franchise quarterback? I’d say the odds are more likely than not that he’ll be a fine NFL starter one day. But the lack of credible receiving threats he has to work with on offense is laughable.

You ready for another suggestion? Get the #1 overall pick and trade it for a substantial package. Nick Bosa, formerly of Ohio State is a great defensive end prospect but the Cardinals should be more focused on offensive linemen and pass catchers.

In the meantime, if you consider yourselves legit Cardinals fans…be rooting against them for the next five Sundays.

On to this week’s picks…

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Week 14 CFB Expert Predictions

This is as good a space as any to share my thoughts on last week’s ASU-UofA game. Quite simply the Wildcats dominated for three quarters before suffering a meltdown of epic proportions. Was I surprised by it? Mildly at best. The playcalling got extremely predictable and the two 4th quarter turnovers deep in their own territory buried Arizona.

The fact remains that it was 40-21 Arizona to start the 4th quarter. Forty to freaking twenty-one! It was a nightmarish quarter that unfortunately most of us who were there or watching will never forget. The Wildcats blew a three possession lead before settling for a 45 yard field goal from a kicker who honestly wasn’t terribly consistent throughout his career. Someone on the coaching staff’s head needs to roll for this one…and it likely will be defensive coordinator Marcel Yates…though truthfully I thought he did a fantastic job scheming against ASU’s offense for three quarters.

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Week 13 CFB Expert Predictions & Talking Rivalries

My favorite rivalry in all of sports is Michigan-Ohio State football. No matter the teams records, it stirs the emotions. Watch this introduction from 2003 with the legendary Keith Jackson narrating. If you don’t get chills, you aren’t a sports fan…

The teams meet once again with the Buckeyes and Wolverines both in the top-10, contending for a chance at the College Football Playoff. Just the way it should be in college football…

Meanwhile it’s another (fairly) meaningless edition of the Territorial Cup rivalry, which I once referred to as the second most hated rivalry in college football behind Auburn-Alabama.

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Cohen’s Corner Week 12 NFL Picks

I’m thankful for plenty of things in my life. Last week’s NFL picks clearly isn’t one of them. A losing week straight up and 2-11 against the spread!  TWO. AND. ELEVEN! And considering my blood bank guarantee was the Rams -3.5, Monday night’s incredible game was fairly painful for me to say the least!

So it’s time to go back-to-basics (spoiler alert: that means I’m picking a lot of favorites).

But in regards to Thanksgiving…it’s a time we can all celebrate our family, friends, and let’s be honest, football. I’ll be playing flag football with my buddies at 8:30am on Thursday morning for the 20th year-in-a-row…more than half my life!

Thank you all for reading this column as often as you do (maybe only this one as far as I know)…and by all means, fade these picks as you see fit! Probably a money-making strategy right now…


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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Cohen’s Corner Week 11 NFL Picks

Before the season I went out on a (minor) limb to pick the Steelers to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. Since then they’ve had their ups and downs…most notably due to the ongoing holdout of star running back Le’Veon Bell. With the no-show of Bell on Tuesday, it’s locked in that James Conner is the man who’s going to carry Pittsburgh to and (hopefully) through the playoffs. A few years ago, while at the University of Pittsburgh, Conner successfully battled and beat Hodgkin’s lymphoma. What an incredible story then and now! And if you have Conner on your fantasy team with or without Bell, congratulations. Either way, I’m standing by my Pittsburgh Super Bowl representative pick. They have a fairly tough road test this week in Jacksonville first…


As for my picks, I’ve turned the corner against the spread and look forward to handing out many more winners over the next 7 regular season weeks and playoffs!

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