Week 17 NFL Picks + Best Bets

You know that game Keno that is played in most, if not all casinos? Pretty much picking random numbers and hoping they hit. Similar to the lottery in that intuition and luck are the only chances you have for success. I feel like making predictions on some of these NFL games this week are similar – there’s no rhyme or reason as to whether a chunk of these players will show up with max effort.

And Todd Gurley, after destroying my two top fantasy teams these last two weeks, you have my vote for NFL MVP. No need to play this week against the 49ers. Enjoy your week off and congrats to you and your Rams on a heck of a regular season. Now go do some damage in the playoffs!


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Friday, 12/22 Quick Hitters: Looking ahead to the next week of bowl games – what does a win mean for UofA & Rich Rodriguez?

Late Thursday night it was announced that legendary sports broadcaster Dick Enberg passed away at the age of 82. His career was one all sports broadcasters dream of: the voice of 8 Super Bowls, the Olympics, March Madness, tennis championships, Major League Baseball, college football, golf, horse racing and so much more. Unfortunately I also remember him as the play-by-play voice of two of my least favorite sports games of all-time…Super Bowl XXXII (Broncos over Packers) and the Arizona-Illinois Elite 8 matchup in 2005. Truly an elite talent who provided a soundtrack to many memorable moments in so many different sports. Rest in peace to one of the all-time greats…”OH MY” what a loss.


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Week 16 NFL Picks + Best Bets

It’s a pretty depressing feeling when your favorite NFL team is eliminated from playoff contention with two weeks to play, especially when they’ve been regulars nearly your entire adult life. But I have to give my Green Bay Packers credit off-the-field, they made the CORRECT decision to shut down Aaron Rodgers instead of play him for two meaningless games to end the 2017 regular season.

Rodgers rushed back from a broken collarbone suffered in Week 6 against the Vikings and while effective against the Panthers in Week 15, he wasn’t his usual pinpoint-passing self. Green Bay’s window to win another Super Bowl with ARod is getting shorter by the season but I’m confident they’ll be a playoff contender with him in 2018.


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Four Downs – 12/18: What is a catch? + Bye bye Green Bay & Seattle’s on-field train wreck

An all-NFL four pack of topics this week…the last Monday column I’ll write for a while. Starting next week, the column goes to two days a week…usually Tuesdays and Thursdays though that may vary.

FIRST DOWN: The end of the Patriots-Steelers game was…

Amazing…yet awful at the same time. Not only should Pittsburgh have clinched the game just before the two minute mark but a dropped easy interception was missed. Tom Brady managed to lead New England down the field for the touchdown and two-point conversion which gave the Patriots a 3 point lead with just under a minute to play.

But the Steelers weren’t done…JuJu Smith-Schuster caught a simple crossing route that he took 69 yards inside the Pats 10 yard line. On first down and goal, TE Jesse James appeared to catch a touchdown to give Pittsburgh the lead.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 6.30.00 PM.png

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Predicting College Football’s Bowl Season + This Week’s Best CFB Bets

One of my favorite times of the year, well not just the holidays, but it’s college football bowl season! Instead of picking each and every game on the blog, I set up a different kind of postseason predictions challenge. Ten questions, some multi-part, that answers just about everything I’d want to know about the bowls.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 7.18.16 PM

For this exercise, I’m happy to be joined by our regular CFB guest pickers, Jon Bell (@koshercoach on Twitter) and “Bear Down” Steve Malina (@stevenmalina) as well as the co-hosts of Wildcat Country on 1580 the Fanatic, Jeff Dean (@thedean1580) and Shane Dale (@ShaneDaleABC15). See our predictions below:

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Week 15 NFL Picks

We’re finally to Week 15 – in most leagues the penultimate week of the fantasy football season. I’m in two league semifinals out of the five that play the head-to-head format…including my own league (which I’ve never won in 20 years). Is this my time? If Dolphins RB Kenyan Drake continues to be a poor man’s Le’Veon Bell, I may meet the end of this period of futility.

Aside from fantasy football though, I’ve done pretty well picking NFL games this season…to the tune of 66% straight up and 56% against the spread. Looking for this week’s winners? You’ve come to the right place!

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Monday Musings – December 11th: Are the Eagles toast without Wentz? And is ASU basketball top-5 worthy?

Well folks, the answer to both questions to lead off this column is unfortunately yes.

-If Eagles QB Carson Wentz sustained a torn-ACL as feared late-Sunday, Philadelphia’s chances at winning the NFC are all but over. Sorry Eagles fans, while I’m somewhat of a Nick Foles believer (considering he’s a fellow Arizona Wildcat), he’s not going to be able to win your team a big game in January. Sorry, just not happening. The Eagles defense, as we saw on Sunday vs. the Rams is good, but far from elite. To win the NFC, the Eagles will have to rely on running the ball 65% of the time. Good luck if and when they get behind.


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