Monday Musings – December 11th: Are the Eagles toast without Wentz? And is ASU basketball top-5 worthy?

Well folks, the answer to both questions to lead off this column is unfortunately yes.

-If Eagles QB Carson Wentz sustained a torn-ACL as feared late-Sunday, Philadelphia’s chances at winning the NFC are all but over. Sorry Eagles fans, while I’m somewhat of a Nick Foles believer (considering he’s a fellow Arizona Wildcat), he’s not going to be able to win your team a big game in January. Sorry, just not happening. The Eagles defense, as we saw on Sunday vs. the Rams is good, but far from elite. To win the NFC, the Eagles will have to rely on running the ball 65% of the time. Good luck if and when they get behind.


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Four Downs, 11/13 – November Football Questions…and Answers

For those of you who love the sport of football like I do, November is the absolute best month for entertainment. The contenders are separated from the pretenders and each week is more of a thrill ride than before. While I’m very excited about my Arizona Wildcats college basketball season, talk to me about it after the college football regular season.

This week I’m going to answer four tough football-related questions starting with a local one…

FIRST DOWN: Is ASU’s Todd Graham back on the hot seat after his team’s poor play the last few weeks?

You bet he is. The Sun Devils’ defense was as red hot as the QB play in Tucson during the middle of October…but USC derailed ASU’s high hopes on October 28th. Since then ASU struggled to beat a weak Colorado squad at home before giving up 44 points to an unimpressive UCLA squad on Saturday night.

Just think, 16 days ago ASU was playing for the lead in the Pac-12 South division. Now they’re hanging on by a thread to bowl eligibility having to beat either Oregon State in Corvallis or UofA in Tempe to achieve a .500 record.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 8.52.58 PM.png

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Four Downs – October 30th: UofA crushes, ASU gets crushed, my CFB top-10, & Heisman rankings

After a giant college football weekend in which the national landscape was muddled further, I figured it would be best to dedicate this column solely to CFB talk.

If you’re looking for my thoughts on Week 8 of the NFL and that INCREDIBLE Game 5 of the World Series (never seen anything like it), tune in to Monday’s Daily Blender¬†from 1-3pm on 1580 The Fanatic, 99.3 FM, 95.9FM in the East Valley, at, or on the app.

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Monday Musings – 10/23: The Cardinals stink but at least ASU & UofA have hope…

I’m scrapping the Four Downs format for this week as there’s just TOO much randomness to discuss in the world of sports. It’s a Quick Hitters-type of column…but I’ll call it Monday Musings.

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-What an astonishingly pathetic effort by the Cardinals on Sunday…but…I’ve got good news for all of you Arizona Cardinals’ fans. After the 33-0 loss in London to the Rams, it’s apparent that your team will be bad enough to finish among the top-10 worst records in the league. Worse record = higher draft pick = better chance to select a franchise QB.

Cardinals Rams Football

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Four Downs – October 16th: The best regular season football weekend in Arizona…EVER?

This was an absolutely incredible football weekend for the Cardinals, Sun Devils, and Wildcats. Offhand I can’t remember a more successful two days for our Arizona teams in recent memory. For me personally, as awesome as UofA’s win was on Saturday, watching my favorite NFL player, Aaron Rodgers go down with a broken collarbone on Sunday and my beloved Cubbies losing two in LA was almost as crushing.

While I’ll do my best to wrap up these last few exhilarating days in this column, I hope you’ll tune in to The Daily Blender, weekdays from 1-3pm (this week 12-3pm) on 1580 The Fanatic. The show starts today (Monday) and I’m looking forward to fun sports talk BY THE FANS, FOR THE FANS with fellow hosts Jeffry O’Brien & Charles Wulf.


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Four Downs – September 25th: ASU Outplays & Upsets Oregon, Now What?

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read this weekend’s bonus column about UofA football’s troubles and my reaction, it’s worth a look. Thus far I’ve received nothing but positive reinforcement from the Arizona football community and I hope that members of the athletic department are taking note.

Before I get to the rest of the column, here’s my take on the President’s national anthem stance and the latest protests by NFL players on Sunday. First of all, Trump’s comments on Friday and Saturday were completely unnecessary. Despite that, while I understand the concept of freedom of speech, I would hope that players would stand and properly acknowledge our country’s anthem and what it stands for (i.e. freedom) even if they don’t like the president. The world is far from perfect but making a spectacle out of what is supposed to be national pride is embarrassing. While I’m all for unity, I believe there are other ways to express it rather than doing so during our country’s national anthem. I would also hope that our President has more dire priorities than speaking / tweeting and escalating the situation. Can we please restore some normalcy to the pregame ceremonies?


On to the games themselves…

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Four Downs – September 18th: Overreacting to another wild weekend

FIRST DOWN: UofA and ASU played hard for their coaches…the Cardinals…well, it’s hard to say…


It was hard not to be impressed with UofA’s 63-16 win in El Paso on Friday night. Brandon Dawkins looked like (Louisville QB and reigning Heisman Trophy winner) Lamar Jackson with 155 yards passing, 133 rushing, and 6 total TDs. Then again, I think I said it best via Twitter during the game:

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