Week 11 NFL Picks

It’s a common theme on The Daily Blender that I call for coaches to be fired when they aren’t cutting it. Hell, if you and I didn’t do our jobs well and we were overpaid, not to mention in the public eye, we would face major scrutiny as well!

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Week 10 NFL Picks

We’re a little more than halfway through the NFL season and what have we learned? New England may be the best team in the league (and yes they still are after the loss to Baltimore) but the competition may not be as far behind as many, including me would’ve thought last week. It’s also been a weird year picking games…I’ve done better recently but for a few weeks there, I picked more losers than winners.

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Week 9 NFL Picks

In 2019, we’ve seen two teams go from rock bottom to the champions of their respective sports. The St. Louis Blues were in last place at the beginning of January…and Stanley Cup Champions in June. The Washington Nationals were 19-31 in May…and just won the World Series.
Is there a team in the NFL that can do the same thing?

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Week 8 NFL Picks

I think it’s fair to say that after 7 weeks of the 2019 NFL season, the New England Patriots look like the best team far and away. Their defense has been nothing short of ’85 Bears-esque while the offense is cruising with the ageless Tom Brady. But on the NFC side, multiple Super Bowl contenders seem to have emerged. Here’s a quick breakdown of the contenders and pretenders (and sorry Cardinals’ fans, you don’t make this list)…

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Week 7 NFL Picks

The big story around the NFL this week centers around officiating and how awful it has become. For those of you fairly new to the blog, I’m an unabashed Packers fan and while I’m thrilled at the last second win over the Lions on Monday night, I can honestly say that the Packers were aided by several crucial calls courtesy of the refs.

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Week 6 NFL Picks

I’m salty about the NFL right now. No, it has nothing to do with the fact that my fantasy football teams (all 9 of them) are generally underperforming. It’s the fact that the parity in the league might actually be too much! I can’t remember the last time I had back-to-back sub-.500 weeks picking games. […]

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Week 5 NFL Picks

I am a proponent in sports of the ultimate turnaround story. Heck, in the NHL, the St. Louis Blues went from the second worst team in January to a Stanley Cup Championship in June. Nothing is truly impossible…especially after only four weeks. Then again, I might take that back after watching the Dolphins this season. […]

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