Predicting College Football’s Bowl Season + This Week’s Best CFB Bets

One of my favorite times of the year, well not just the holidays, but it’s college football bowl season! Instead of picking each and every game on the blog, I set up a different kind of postseason predictions challenge. Ten questions, some multi-part, that answers just about everything I’d want to know about the bowls.

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For this exercise, I’m happy to be joined by our regular CFB guest pickers, Jon Bell (@koshercoach on Twitter) and “Bear Down” Steve Malina (@stevenmalina) as well as the co-hosts of Wildcat Country on 1580 the Fanatic, Jeff Dean (@thedean1580) and Shane Dale (@ShaneDaleABC15). See our predictions below:

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25 College Bowl Game Thoughts: Did the Playoff Committee Get It Right?

On a Sunday full of fantasy football goodness, a huge Packers win, and more Cardinals embarrassment against the Rams, I didn’t have a chance to take a look at the entirety of the bowl matchups. So while I take a look at the schedule for the first time, here are 25 initial stream of consciousness impressions on the bowls

1. The playoff committee got it right by placing Alabama over Ohio State. While the Buckeyes had a much more difficult schedule and an extra loss compared to the Crimson Tide, losing by 31 to a slightly-above average Iowa team in early-November was unforgivable. Based on the eye test, at least as I see it, Alabama appears to be the more talented team on both sides of the ball. Sorry Buckeyes fans…you were lucky to make it to the playoff both in 2014 and last season; no such luck this time.


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