College Football Bowl Season Expert Picks

I’m one of those people who absolutely loves the college bowl games…hell, I’ll watch the Camellia Bowl or Bahamas Bowl if I’m sitting on my couch with nothing better to do. However let’s be honest, 41 bowl games is simply too many. I’m not a fan of 78 FBS teams in the postseason…it just seems oversaturated. Make the number around 30 bowl games + a 6 team playoff and I’d be a happy camper. But that debate is for another day…
In the meantime, enjoy some bowl thoughts and predictions from our Cohen’s Corner CFB experts – JB, Bear Down Steve, Producer Wes and me. These may not be as fun as our weekly CFB picks…but hope you enjoy nonetheless!

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Four Downs – January 8th: National Championship Game Pick, UofA’s coaching search, & NFL Playoff Thoughts

FIRST DOWN – The winner of College Football’s National Championship Game will be…

ALABAMA. Let’s say 31-21 over Georgia.

Nick Saban has never lost to one of his former assistant coaches in his illustrious career…I believe he’s 11-0. Well make it 12-0 as Alabama’s offense cranks it up in the 2nd half against a Georgia team that will have to abandon the run after falling behind early.

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25 College Bowl Game Thoughts: Did the Playoff Committee Get It Right?

On a Sunday full of fantasy football goodness, a huge Packers win, and more Cardinals embarrassment against the Rams, I didn’t have a chance to take a look at the entirety of the bowl matchups. So while I take a look at the schedule for the first time, here are 25 initial stream of consciousness impressions on the bowls

1. The playoff committee got it right by placing Alabama over Ohio State. While the Buckeyes had a much more difficult schedule and an extra loss compared to the Crimson Tide, losing by 31 to a slightly-above average Iowa team in early-November was unforgivable. Based on the eye test, at least as I see it, Alabama appears to be the more talented team on both sides of the ball. Sorry Buckeyes fans…you were lucky to make it to the playoff both in 2014 and last season; no such luck this time.


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Four Downs – October 30th: UofA crushes, ASU gets crushed, my CFB top-10, & Heisman rankings

After a giant college football weekend in which the national landscape was muddled further, I figured it would be best to dedicate this column solely to CFB talk.

If you’re looking for my thoughts on Week 8 of the NFL and that INCREDIBLE Game 5 of the World Series (never seen anything like it), tune in to Monday’s Daily Blender from 1-3pm on 1580 The Fanatic, 99.3 FM, 95.9FM in the East Valley, at, or on the app.

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My 2017-18 College Football Predictions

Before you read below, make sure to check out my previous college football prediction articles:

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Arizona Wildcats Football: Pre-Pre-Season Game-By-Game Predictions

My favorite time of the year starts this weekend. While the games aren’t great (and I’ll give some picks down below), college football begins this Saturday!!

Though I despise the official preseason polls, here is my early top 10:

1. Alabama – Because they’re the best team in the best conference with the best college coach of all-time. I think they’ll beat Florida State in Week 1, lose once during the regular season, and end up back in Atlanta for the National Championship Game.

2. Florida State – Play ‘Bama close in the opener…don’t lose more than once more (i.e. beat Clemson and Lousiville) and we’ll see you back in Atlanta in a rematch against the Crimson Tide.

I’m expecting a great season from Deondre Francois and his Seminoles this season.

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Five Things I’d Change In Sports

Last night’s NBA Draft Lottery actually kept me up in the middle of the night.  What a flawed system!  We know it’s rigged (or strongly suspect it) so what is the NBA hiding? Why no more ping pong balls or frozen envelopes? Why does only one person get to see the results picked live?

David Stern selects the famous “frozen envelope” allowing the Knicks to pick first and take dynamic (and future Hall of Fame) center, Patrick Ewing.

Three top-10 TV markets got the top three picks…Boston (#9), LA (#2), and Philadelphia (#4).  Yet Phoenix (#12) somehow dropped two spots from their projected #2 draft slot (no surprise given the Suns franchise-long jinx but still…).

The draft lottery process also got me thinking what else I’d immediately change if I were sports czar for a day.  Here are my top five rules / policies that I’d correct if I had the chance:

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