Week 12 CFB ‘Expert’ Picks

It’s really a marvel in this day and age for teams in a power conference to be undefeated two weeks into November. I don’t care if your schedule is soft (a la Clemson’s), no team is immune from a letdown here or there.

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Week 11 CFB ‘Expert’ Picks

Dare I say last Saturday was NOT a good one for me. UofA (no I will never refer to my alma mater as UArizona) got smoked by a lousy Oregon State team on Homecoming and I suffered probably the worst bad betting beat in years!

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Week 10 CFB ‘Expert’ Picks

I always feel badly calling for someone else to be fired from their job. But the truth is – no matter your profession, if you aren’t cutting it, it’s time for you to go. D-day finally happened for Arizona Wildcats’ defensive coordinator Marcel Yates, whose lackluster schemes were being torched by seemingly everyone in the Pac-12 for the last several years.

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