The Cohen’s Corner ‘Expert’ CFB Bowl Predictions + Week 16 NFL Picks

The end of the football season is usually a depressing time…but this year, I can’t say I’m too upset. My Arizona Wildcats lost their final seven games, my NFL picks have been dreadful, and my fantasy football teams…well, that’s another story.

Sure I’m excited about my favorite NFL team, the Packers and their playoff chances. But the most exciting thing for me come mid-to-late December every year is the college bowl games.

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Recapping the CFB ‘Expert’ Picks + Week 15 NFL Picks

It’s most certainly depressing to be writing a weekly football column and NOT making college football picks for the weekend. 

But let’s be honest – it hasn’t been a good football season for me by any stretch of the imagination. UofA stunk, my NFL picks have been horrible, my fantasy football teams have underachieved and overall I’m more ready than usual for the offseason.

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Week 15 CFB ‘Expert’ Picks + Week 14 NFL Picks

It’s Championship Weekend in college football…where the conferences’ best are cemented and playoff dreams are made or die. I’ll give my predictions on what to expect this weekend below. in the BOLD PREDICTION area.
In the meantime, I’d like to use this space to address why I’ve changed my opinion over the last week and now support my alma mater, Arizona in keeping its head coach, Kevin Sumlin.

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Week 13 CFB ‘Expert’ Picks

I don’t blame Nick Saban. His team was up 35-7 with just three minutes to go before halftime and while they weren’t going to blow that lead against Mississippi State, there was really no need to remove his starting QB before halftime. Who benches their starters before halftime? Then again, Baylor blew a 28-3 lead against Oklahoma also on Saturday so the unpredictability of every game can’t be doubted.

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Week 10 CFB ‘Expert’ Picks

I always feel badly calling for someone else to be fired from their job. But the truth is – no matter your profession, if you aren’t cutting it, it’s time for you to go. D-day finally happened for Arizona Wildcats’ defensive coordinator Marcel Yates, whose lackluster schemes were being torched by seemingly everyone in the Pac-12 for the last several years.

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