Week 2 NFL Picks

My golden rule for Week 1 in anything – especially when it comes to football is – TRY NOT OVERREACT! Like thinking Baltimore’s offense led by Lamar Jackson is the second coming of Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City. Not happening…yes, the Dolphins are just THAT bad on defense. Or that the Browns are the same old team we’re used to. Also not true despite a 43-13 home thrashing at the hands of Tennessee.

Based on my preseason expectations, I’ll rank each team in one of three categories after one week:
-They Are Who I Thought They Were (GOOD, BAD, or MEDIOCRE)
-I Might’ve Been Way Off (BETTER or WORSE)
-I Have No Clue

It’s a fun exercise…and one I’m sure I’ll revisit multiple times throughout the season.


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The Cohen’s Corner 2019 NFL Predictions + Week 1 Picks

The NFL season is upon us and with that comes my annual predictions of all 256 regular season games and 11 playoff games. It’s a time-consuming yet entertaining exercise and in light of recent developments (i.e. Andrew Luck’s surprise retirement), my picks are a lot different than when I tried this previously in June.

On paper I feel maybe 1/4 of the league is capable of winning the Super Bowl. Give me the Patriots, Chiefs, Chargers, Eagles, Packers, Bears, Saints, and Rams and I’ll give you the other 24. Which side are you taking?

I think New England’s reign of terror in the playoffs is over starting this season…but then again I said that in 2018-19 and how did that work out? Finally – if I’m correct about my Super Bowl prediction, there will be a massive storyline that will echo throughout the league. Check those picks below plus winners, best bets, and fantasy football advice for the highly anticipated Week 1!

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Fantasy Football: Players to Draft or Pass

The NFL’s preseason is upon us and with that, it’s time to identify fantasy football sleepers and busts. The following table identifies one player (mostly) per team and whether you should put them on your fantasy radar or let them be another owner’s problem. As you’ll see below, Christian McCaffrey is one of the players I think might end up being on their share of winning fantasy teams!


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Week 17 NFL Picks + Best Bets

You know that game Keno that is played in most, if not all casinos? Pretty much picking random numbers and hoping they hit. Similar to the lottery in that intuition and luck are the only chances you have for success. I feel like making predictions on some of these NFL games this week are similar – there’s no rhyme or reason as to whether a chunk of these players will show up with max effort.

And Todd Gurley, after destroying my two top fantasy teams these last two weeks, you have my vote for NFL MVP. No need to play this week against the 49ers. Enjoy your week off and congrats to you and your Rams on a heck of a regular season. Now go do some damage in the playoffs!


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Week 16 NFL Picks + Best Bets

It’s a pretty depressing feeling when your favorite NFL team is eliminated from playoff contention with two weeks to play, especially when they’ve been regulars nearly your entire adult life. But I have to give my Green Bay Packers credit off-the-field, they made the CORRECT decision to shut down Aaron Rodgers instead of play him for two meaningless games to end the 2017 regular season.

Rodgers rushed back from a broken collarbone suffered in Week 6 against the Vikings and while effective against the Panthers in Week 15, he wasn’t his usual pinpoint-passing self. Green Bay’s window to win another Super Bowl with ARod is getting shorter by the season but I’m confident they’ll be a playoff contender with him in 2018.


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Week 15 NFL Picks

We’re finally to Week 15 – in most leagues the penultimate week of the fantasy football season. I’m in two league semifinals out of the five that play the head-to-head format…including my own league (which I’ve never won in 20 years). Is this my time? If Dolphins RB Kenyan Drake continues to be a poor man’s Le’Veon Bell, I may meet the end of this period of futility.

Aside from fantasy football though, I’ve done pretty well picking NFL games this season…to the tune of 66% straight up and 56% against the spread. Looking for this week’s winners? You’ve come to the right place!

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Friday, 12/8 Quick Hitters: More Herm Edwards reaction, the CFB coaching carousel, & Best Bets

Keeping it football-only once again today…but unfortunately there is only one game to predict:

-The best tradition in sports as I see it is the singing of the alma maters after the annual Army-Navy game.


The winners get to sing second and as you’ll see in the video below, the scene looks amazing as both teams always pay respect to one another. To be at this game is definitely on my sports bucket list:

Army won for the first time since 2001 last season but they won’t make it two years in-a-row. Navy 23, Army 20 in the last regular season CFB game of the season.

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Friday, 12/1 Quick Hitters: Tennessee or ASU, Championship Weekend Preview, Best Bets, and more!

Question of the day: which is the better college football job, Tennessee or ASU?

Usually a college football fan would say the Volunteers due to being in the better conference, having a more celebrated tradition, and higher profile exposure. The problem is…coaches keep turning that job down like the place is on fire after the fanbase’s reaction to Greg Schiano’s near-hire last Sunday.

So the answer to my question above is ASU. Yet I’m still not convinced that AD Ray Anderson is making a good move by reportedly hiring his good friend and former client, Herm Edwards as the Sun Devils’ next head man.

The truth is…the right guy for both jobs is the same…former Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin. Once the hottest name in the college ranks to NFL personnel, Sumlin holds a combined 86-43 record at Houston and A&M. While he may not be a home run hire so-to-speak, Sumlin is a safe bet to produce winning season after winning season with the occasional super successful one.


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Thanksgiving Double Column: Week 12 NFL Picks, Week 13 CFB Predictions, Best Bets, Territorial Cup Thoughts and more!

To me, there’s nothing better than Thanksgiving and its subsequent four day weekend. It’s without a doubt by favorite week of the year.

From family and friends to food (especially the twice-baked potatoes & apple pie) to football overload (UofA-ASU, Michigan-Ohio State, Alabama-Auburn, NFL, and my own Turkey Bowl on Thanksgiving morning), the next four days simply can’t be beaten.

Without further ado, here’s a supersized Thanksgiving-weekend edition of the picks column complete with the usual Friday’s Quick Hitters mixed in:

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Friday, 11/17 Quick Hitters: On CFB Scheduling, Khalil Tate, Weekend Thoughts + Best Bets

Thank you, Pac-12 – instead of making your schools and fans wait until mid-January for next year’s football schedules, you released them earlier than normal on Thursday.

In glancing at UofA and ASU’s schedules, I’ll make two early predictions:

1. If Khalil Tate stays healthy throughout, Arizona wins a minimum of 9 games and the South Division title next season.

2. ASU finishes no lower than 3rd in the division and wins at least 8 games in 2018.

Am I overly optimistic or dead on? Leave me your feedback in the comments below.

Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 5.02.51 PM.png

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