Friday, 10/20 Quick Hitters: Thank you Cubs + Football Thoughts & Best Bets

Thank you Chicago Cubs for an entertaining second half of baseball…but unfortunately you were seriously outclassed by the Dodgers. Your pitching was abysmal in the NLCS, especially the bullpen, which outside of Wade Davis (who is a free agent and should be re-signed) needs to be completely overhauled.

Thank you Jake Arrieta and John Lackey for your contributions as Cubs and I wish you the best in your next chapters (Arrieta on a new team and Lackey likely retirement).

Thank you Cubs management for putting together a hell of a team…but please fix the bullpen and add a true leadoff hitter while the window to win championships still exists.

And to the Dodgers and their fans – good luck in the World Series. I’d be very, very surprised if you lost.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 10.53.08 PM.png

Oh yeah – let’s go Astros (to at least beat the Yankees)!

Now that I’ve said my piece, let’s talk some football…

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Friday, 10/13 Quick Hitters: GO CUBS GO, Weekend Football Thoughts + Best Bets

The Cubs-Nationals nearly five hour 9 inning marathon was beyond belief on Thursday night. I’m writing this column minutes after running around my house, as an ecstatic Cubs fan, nearly deciding to break open a bottle of champagne for my favorite team advancing to their third straight National League Championship Series!

In what will go down as one of the most thrilling, compelling, and wacky games of all-time in baseball’s postseason, Cubs manager Joe Maddon nearly used his entire available bullpen and asked his closer, Wade Davis, to somehow record 7 outs. Errors, Passed Balls, Pickoffs, Catcher’s Interference…it was a truly bizarre game in all facets.

The Cubs Curse? It’s gone. No more goats, fan interference, ground ball mishaps, etc… This is a new era of Cubs baseball…and “Holy Cow” I’m glad I’m around to enjoy it!

I think the Dodgers will beat my lifelong favorite team in 5 games to advance to the World Series…with the Astros taking care of the Yankees in 6 games to win the American League. (P.S. How did the Indians choke away that series by losing three straight? They were clearly the best team in baseball after the All-Star break.)

Either way, for a team that was two games under .500 at the All-Star Break to advance again to the NLCS…hallelujah! #FlyTheW

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 9.59.00 PM.png

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Friday, 10/6 Quick Hitters: Can the D-Backs take down the Dodgers? + Best Bets

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ 11-8 Wild Card game victory over the Colorado Rockies was honestly one of the craziest baseball games I can remember in recent memory. Outside of last year’s World Series Game 7, no postseason game comes to mind that reminds me of Wednesday night’s insanity. Four triples, including one by Archie Bradley, a relief pitcher (!!)…a 6-0 lead that almost evaporated…and 8-5 8th inning lead that nearly vanished…drama in nearly every inning. As I said on Twitter at the time, the fans got their money’s worth, alright!


So do the D-Backs really have a chance to beat the Dodgers?

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Friday, 9/29 Quick Hitters: My Thoughts on the scandal involving UofA Basketball + Best Bets

What’s happening with college basketball and the FBI scandal that broke on Tuesday isn’t good for the sport. That might be an understatement. College basketball may be wrecked to shreds sooner than later. The pride and spectacle of March Madness may fade into oblivion.

It’s no secret that players have long been paid to go to school. If you think the likes of UCLA, Duke, Kentucky, and Kansas won’t eventually be involved, you’re likely wrong.

But for now they’re not and Arizona is…due to assistant coach Book Richardson, who was arrested and faces up to 60 years in prison. Arizona basketball, the pride and joy of Tucson for now is facing an uncertain long term future. Is this a rogue assistant who is the only one in the program having committed wrongdoing? Or is it more internally widespread than we know? These are the million dollar questions. And head coach Sean Miller’s job might eventually be hanging in the balance.


While it’s impossible to know what’s true and what’s false…here is what I think (pure opinion):

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Friday, 9/22 Quick Hitters: My Weekend Picks Rationale + Best Bets

Hey Rich Rodriguez and Todd Graham…you know how to singlehandedly change the momentum of your programs? How to re-energize the fanbase? How to possibly save your jobs?

Win this weekend. On your home fields. Over top 25 ranked opponents.


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Friday, 9/15 Quick Hitters: Previewing the Weekend’s Biggest Games + Best Bets

It’s hard to be a football fan in this state right now. ASU & UofA are each 1-1 and are trending downward in terms of fan support. NAU is 0-2 and recently announced that longtime head coach, Jerome Sauers, will be relieved of his duties at the end of the season. And the Cardinals…well the 0-1 record doesn’t tell the story. The loss of their best player (David Johnson) for most of the season does…


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Friday, 9/8 Quick Hitters: My New England 19-0 Prediction? GONE! + Best Bets

I’ll admit it – I was wrong. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

I said New England would go undefeated…and that’s done in Game #1. Stunning and very impressive win by Kansas City. Among the most shocking in recent memory. Completely dominant offensive performance by the Alex Smith and the Chiefs. And Tom Brady had ZERO TD passes for the Pats!

-The worst part: I was facing Chiefs rookie RB Kareem Hunt on my main fantasy team – so it’s already a loss before Sunday even starts! He had the best first NFL game of any player in NFL history with 246 total yards and 3 TDs! Hunt is looking like a sure fire top-10 fantasy RB this year with major usage in that offense. Good thing I got him at 40-1 to win Rookie of the Year!

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 9.13.55 PM.png

-The bad news for KC…if All-Pro safety Eric Berry is done for the season with an achilles injury, that would be crushing for a team who played what possibly might be the best game we’ll see all season from a heavy underdog.

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