Why I Hate This Year’s March Madness, Predicting the Sweet 16 & Beyond, + UofA’s Utter Disappointment

Many fans love the unpredictability and drama the NCAA Tournament but I’m not one of them. Watching UMBC beat Virginia on Friday night was a cool moment, no doubt, the first 16 seed to ever defeat a top seed in the Big Dance. But I’d MUCH rather see the best teams play one another for the right to see who is the top dog. And it’s actually quite the easy fix.


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March Madness: Breaking down the bracket + my picks to win

Seriously…could the selection committee have done a WORSE job putting together this bracket? Leaving out USC was bad enough (I know they didn’t have many Quadrant 1 wins but they certainly passed the eye test to me) but seeding Arizona 4th in the SOUTH bracket with Virginia AND Kentucky!? Stupid.

Don’t tell me there wasn’t a bias against the schools investigated by the FBI earlier in the season. Oklahoma State and USC were left out. Arizona and arguably Auburn were underseeded. It was a colossal dumpster fire on Sunday…and these clowns in charge of putting it together should be ashamed of themselves.

Nonetheless everyone I know (that likes college basketball) fills one of these brackets out…so here are a few tips from me:


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Five Things I’d Change In Sports

Last night’s NBA Draft Lottery actually kept me up in the middle of the night.  What a flawed system!  We know it’s rigged (or strongly suspect it) so what is the NBA hiding? Why no more ping pong balls or frozen envelopes? Why does only one person get to see the results picked live?

David Stern selects the famous “frozen envelope” allowing the Knicks to pick first and take dynamic (and future Hall of Fame) center, Patrick Ewing.

Three top-10 TV markets got the top three picks…Boston (#9), LA (#2), and Philadelphia (#4).  Yet Phoenix (#12) somehow dropped two spots from their projected #2 draft slot (no surprise given the Suns franchise-long jinx but still…).

The draft lottery process also got me thinking what else I’d immediately change if I were sports czar for a day.  Here are my top five rules / policies that I’d correct if I had the chance:

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