Predicting Every Game of the 2019 NFL Schedule (June Edition)

Cohen’s Corner is back for the first time in a month. I may not write as often these days (being on the radio every weekday for three hours is the culprit) but rest assured, I’ll be delivering plenty of NFL & CFB predictions this Fall as per usual.

For today’s column, this is an exercise I’ve enjoyed doing the last several seasons – picking every game throughout the season well in advance. Some of my game picks are a bit crazy but remember, the NFL is the most difficult sport to predict week-in, week-out in terms of surprising upsets. Heck, there’s a reason why NFL Survivor Pools are so difficult.
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My Super Bowl LIII Pick, MVP Plays + Phoenix Open Predictions

It’s been well-chronicled that my postseason NFL picks this year have been dreadful…3-7 straight up to be exact. And considering I’m 1-3 (including a Patriots miracle comeback two years ago) in Super Bowl selections since 2015, it’s hard to put a lot of faith in my pick below.

So by all means – fade the Super Bowl pick(s), long shot MVP plays, and Phoenix Open selections below…but just remember, I am due for a big win sooner than later…!


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The Cohen’s Corner 2018 NFL Predictions

My grandfather always used to say: “I may not always be right…but I’m never wrong.” In the case of my season-long (and weekly football picks), unfortunately that isn’t the case. Last year I picked the Patriots to run the table at 19-0…and then they lost Week 1 to the Chiefs. This year I’ll hold off on the bold predictions but below you’ll find my picks for every NFL game during the 2018-19 season. My Super Bowl champion is somewhat under the radar at 11-1 odds…can I actually get it right this year? Continue reading “The Cohen’s Corner 2018 NFL Predictions”

Four Downs, 7/27: A handful of Bold Predictions for the NFL in 2018

With training camps underway, here’s a four pack of NFL predictions that some of you may agree with and others…well…not so much:


FIRST DOWN: The New England Patriots WILL NOT make another Super Bowl with Bill Belichick and/or Tom Brady.
How to describe the Patriots’ offseason – I don’t know, does complete and utter disfunction ring a bell? After a stunning defeat in the Super Bowl to the Eagles which included Belichick benching one of his best defensive players, CB Malcolm Butler for an inexplicable reason, the hits just kept on coming. WR Brandin Cooks was traded to the Rams and his compadre Danny Amendola left for Miami. Julian Edelman, who was supposed to be Brady’s primary pass-catcher while returning from a torn-ACL, was suspended for the first four games due to PEDs. Butler and RB Dion Lewis left for Tennessee while defensive coordinator Matt Patricia took the Lions head job. Oh, and top offensive tackle Nate Solder bolted for the Giants.¬†And I haven’t even mentioned behind the scenes discord between Brady and Belichick due to the QBs professional relationships.

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Five Things I’d Change in Sports (Updated)

NOTE: I wrote this story last year before the articles were posted on I’ve updated a few parts since then…but a year later, I couldn’t agree more with all of these suggestions!

Don’t get me wrong – sports are my world…but they’re far from perfect. A few tweaks here and there might make all the difference. While I’m glad the Suns got the #1 pick (and yes, I’ll eventually pay off my Daily Blender Carl’s Jr. bet based on that), watching their obvious tanking from February onward was mildly disgusting. So what can be done to remedy the situations? Here are some solutions:



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Friday, 3/23 Quick Hitters – I was right about March Madness + NFL Free Agency Thoughts

I want you to be honest with me for a second…

Are you excited about watching Kansas State vs. Loyola-Chicago in the South Regional Final on Saturday? Truthfully would you have watched it during the year if it was just a meaningless regular season game. The answer to both questions…is no.

Loyola v Nevada
I appreciate that both teams are unheralded and have been tremendous during the first three games of this year’s tournament. But seeing them and Florida State in the Elite Eight makes me legitimately sick to my stomach.

I guess there’s a reason they call it ‘March Madness’ but as far as I’m concerned, college basketball is one sport where the best teams can’t be measured solely by how they do in the tournament.

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Predicting the 2018 NFL Opening Day Starting QBs

The 2018 NFL offseason will be better than most. So much money to be given out and so many interesting teams with significant cap room. But which ones will splurge for a QB? In this blog, I’ll look at which teams are set and which teams need to press the reset button at the position. Whether you agree or disagree with my predictions…either way it will be an exciting next three months of activity!


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My Super Bowl Pick, Top Prop Bets to Play + Phoenix Open Predictions

Only one blog entry scheduled for this crazy Super Bowl and Phoenix Open week…and it’s a detailed one! Here is my official pick for Super Bowl LII and my Phoenix Open predictions…


Super Bowl Pick
Regular Season: 171-85 SU (66.8%), 141-114-1 ATS (55.3%)
Playoffs: 5-5 SU, 4-6 ATS

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Four Downs – 12/18: What is a catch? + Bye bye Green Bay & Seattle’s on-field train wreck

An all-NFL four pack of topics this week…the last Monday column I’ll write for a while. Starting next week, the column goes to two days a week…usually Tuesdays and Thursdays though that may vary.

FIRST DOWN: The end of the Patriots-Steelers game was…

Amazing…yet awful at the same time. Not only should Pittsburgh have clinched the game just before the two minute mark but a dropped easy interception was missed. Tom Brady managed to lead New England down the field for the touchdown and two-point conversion which gave the Patriots a 3 point lead with just under a minute to play.

But the Steelers weren’t done…JuJu Smith-Schuster caught a simple crossing route that he took 69 yards inside the Pats 10 yard line. On first down and goal, TE Jesse James appeared to catch a touchdown to give Pittsburgh the lead.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 6.30.00 PM.png

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Monday Musings – December 11th: Are the Eagles toast without Wentz? And is ASU basketball top-5 worthy?

Well folks, the answer to both questions to lead off this column is unfortunately yes.

-If Eagles QB Carson Wentz sustained a torn-ACL as feared late-Sunday, Philadelphia’s chances at winning the NFC are all but over. Sorry Eagles fans, while I’m somewhat of a Nick Foles believer (considering he’s a fellow Arizona Wildcat), he’s not going to be able to win your team a big game in January. Sorry, just not happening. The Eagles defense, as we saw on Sunday vs. the Rams is good, but far from elite. To win the NFC, the Eagles will have to rely on running the ball 65% of the time. Good luck if and when they get behind.


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