Cohen’s Corner NBA & NHL Playoff Predictions

Here’s a quick blog post with my playoff picks in both sports. All 8 NHL first round playoff series have each played one game thus far…but when you see my picks, you’ll realize that these picks were made LONG before the games started.

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Friday, 6/9 Quick Hitters

A sampling of what’s on my mind in the sports world this week… -Bob Stoops leaving Oklahoma doesn’t surprise me in the least. The timing of the announcement, after spring practice, and in early-June is stunning. While his teams have been successful, his penchant of choking in bowl games and not playing for a national […]

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Friday, 6/2 Quick Hitters

-Wait – you aren’t that person who thought Cleveland had a chance to beat Golden State this year, are you? If so, you do realize all of the reasons why the Warriors will dispatch of the Cavs in 5 games or less: Revenge from 2016’s Golden State choke job. Kevin Durant is now on the […]

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Friday, 5/26 Quick Hitters

A sampling of what’s on my mind this week… -How great was the Penguins-Senators Game 7 last night? As a sports fan, whether you like hockey or not, you had to appreciate the passion, intensity, and high-level skills displayed as the teams played over 85 minutes of hockey. -As if there was any doubt, Mike […]

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