Cohen’s Corner 2019-20 College Football ‘Expert’ Predictions + Week Zero Picks

The best time of the year is officially back starting this weekend! I don’t care if there are only two FBS college football games – both, fortunately for me, include my two favorite teams: UofA (my alma mater) and Miami (my parents’ alma mater / favorite team as a kid).

This looks like one of those seasons where predictability reigns supreme. If Alabama and Clemson aren’t in the Final Four / Championship Game, most observers including myself would be quite surprised.


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Cohen’s Corner 2018-19 College Football ‘Expert’ Predictions

One of my favorite things to write on this blog is my weekly college football picks. Last year my buddies Jon Bell and Steve Malina made picks each week…but we’re pleased to add a fourth full-time picker, Shane Dale from ABC15, who knows a few things about college football and especially the UofA-ASU rivalry.

Next week will be our first weekly picks column but in the meantime, enjoy our season preview column with some surprising picks that I’ll touch on below!

Name (Twitter Feed)
Eric Cohen (@eacohen83)
Jon Bell (@koshercoach)
Shane Dale (@ShaneDaleABC15)
Steve Malina (@BearDownSteven)

Projected UofA Record
Eric: 9-3
Jon: 9-3
Shane: 9-3
Steve: 9-3

Eric’s Commentary: Surprised to see no one picking 8-4 or worse for the ‘Cats who have a favorable, but far from easy schedule.

Projected ASU Record
Eric: 6-6
Jon: 6-6
Shane: 6-6
Steve: 4-8

Eric’s Commentary: I’d be shocked to see ASU finish with less than 5 wins considering they have a senior QB and arguably the best player in the conference at WR.

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Four Downs, 7/27: A handful of Bold Predictions for the NFL in 2018

With training camps underway, here’s a four pack of NFL predictions that some of you may agree with and others…well…not so much:


FIRST DOWN: The New England Patriots WILL NOT make another Super Bowl with Bill Belichick and/or Tom Brady.
How to describe the Patriots’ offseason – I don’t know, does complete and utter disfunction ring a bell? After a stunning defeat in the Super Bowl to the Eagles which included Belichick benching one of his best defensive players, CB Malcolm Butler for an inexplicable reason, the hits just kept on coming. WR Brandin Cooks was traded to the Rams and his compadre Danny Amendola left for Miami. Julian Edelman, who was supposed to be Brady’s primary pass-catcher while returning from a torn-ACL, was suspended for the first four games due to PEDs. Butler and RB Dion Lewis left for Tennessee while defensive coordinator Matt Patricia took the Lions head job. Oh, and top offensive tackle Nate Solder bolted for the Giants.¬†And I haven’t even mentioned behind the scenes discord between Brady and Belichick due to the QBs professional relationships.

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