Predicting the 2019 NFL Opening Day Starting QBs

Last year this time I put together my predictions of Week 1 starting QBs on Opening Day in 2018 and got most of them right…just because there wasn’t that much movement in the offseason. If you thought last year had little QB drama outside of Kirk Cousins’ signing and a bunch of QBs drafted in the first round, wait until you see what 2019 will look like. Don’t expect many notable moves at all…outside of Nick Foles and a few rookies. However in 2020, I anticipate that nearly 1/3 of all teams will have new starters.

For now here are my predictions as to the QB landscape come early-September 2019…

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 8.44.38 PM

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Predicting the 2018 NFL Opening Day Starting QBs

The 2018 NFL offseason will be better than most. So much money to be given out and so many interesting teams with significant cap room. But which ones will splurge for a QB? In this blog, I’ll look at which teams are set and which teams need to press the reset button at the position. Whether you agree or disagree with my predictions…either way it will be an exciting next three months of activity!


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