My Live Sporting Event Superlatives (Updated 2018)

NOTE: I wrote this story last year before the articles were posted on I’ve updated a few parts since then…hope you enjoy!

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you’ve been to a bunch of sporting events like me.

Which ones are the ones I’ll never forget? And which ones do I wish COULD forget?

Additionally, most of you know that I’m a loyal Arizona Wildcats football season ticket holder…I haven’t missed a UofA home game since 2007. I love college football so much so that my goal is to attend 500 games in my lifetime. Keep reading below and you’ll see how much longer I have to go.

There are still quite a few events and stadiums I have yet to attend…but for now, this is a pretty fun list!
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EC’s Sports Watchability Rankings

Continuing with Monday’s theme of sports viewing, I thought I’d give my personal rankings of least favorite to favorite college and professional sports to watch on TV or in-person.

For the purpose of not making this list too long, Olympic sports such as track and field, swimming, figure skating, gymnastics, etc… aren’t included. High school sports also don’t play a role in these rankings.

I have a feeling MANY of you will disagree with my opinion – especially in the top 10.

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