Cohen’s Corner Week 17 NFL Picks + Hating Fantasy Football & Golden Blenders

I hate fantasy football. I really do. To me it’s like a random bowl of candy just sitting there within reach. I just can’t resist.

This year I had TEN teams (yes…I know…WAY too many)…some expensive and some absolutely free. In true fashion, I won my two free leagues – The Daily Blender league, for which I will soon receive THE GOLDEN BLENDER I have craved since Fall 2017 when I lobbied to be in it…and THE FANATIC personalities league in which most of them didn’t care when they realized my eventual 16-0 team couldn’t be stopped.


In my other eight leagues, all money leagues…a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th, and five that missed the playoffs.

In my league, the one in which I’ve failed to win in all 22 years of existence, my team won six straight regular season matchups to end up 10-3. And then what? It just DIED in the playoffs to the tune of 0-2 and a fourth place finish.

So yes…that’s why I hate fantasy football. Is it really a “skill” or just plain old luck? Maybe a little of both.

Derrick Henry did NOTHING all season…until Weeks 14-16 when he was the best RB in the game. Who would’ve predicted that?

I’m bitter…really bitter…and as much as I like the idea of being the owner of a GOLDEN BLENDER, it still doesn’t make up for SO MUCH DISAPPOINTMENT!

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Week 17 NFL Picks + Best Bets

You know that game Keno that is played in most, if not all casinos? Pretty much picking random numbers and hoping they hit. Similar to the lottery in that intuition and luck are the only chances you have for success. I feel like making predictions on some of these NFL games this week are similar – there’s no rhyme or reason as to whether a chunk of these players will show up with max effort.

And Todd Gurley, after destroying my two top fantasy teams these last two weeks, you have my vote for NFL MVP. No need to play this week against the 49ers. Enjoy your week off and congrats to you and your Rams on a heck of a regular season. Now go do some damage in the playoffs!


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