Week 2 CFB Expert Predictions

Week 1 was an unmitigated disaster for my college football picks. Most importantly for me, though, Arizona’s U-G-L-Y loss to BYU showed too many flaws for me to pick them for much more than a six win team in 2018. Optimistically I’m going to give them a shot in Houston this week but my head knows better. The play-calling was horrible and to say the offensive and defensive lines were dominated by the Cougars is an understatement.

But things aren’t much better for fans of Texas, UCLA, Michigan, Washington, Miami, and Florida State – all of whom had higher expectations than to lose in embarrassing fashion in Week One. UCLA and FSU can use the new coach / system excuse (similar to UofA) but Texas, Michigan, and Washington all had shots to break through, yet failed spectacularly.

While I’m trying not to overreact to the first set of games in 2018, hopefully Week 2 brings me more luck!

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Week 1 NFL Picks + Week 2 CFB Predictions

You can’t argue with me that Fall is the best time of the year in sports. Pro and college football, pennant races in baseball, followed by the debut of the NHL, NBA, and college basketball seasons. While November might be my favorite month of the year, September isn’t too far behind.

Every Wednesday in this space I’ll predict the score of each NFL game and the top 10 college games that are of most interest. I’m at a crossroads this week though…while I want to be correct with my picks, I also want to root against some of them. You’ll want to see why…

Arizona is 7-0 against Detroit since 2006. Will that streak be broken this weekend?

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