Cohen’s Corner Week 2 NFL Picks

How did Aaron Rodgers pull off the miraculous three touchdown 4th quarter comeback in Week 1 against the Bears?! As a Green Bay fan, I gave up hope after seeing my favorite player leave the game in the second quarter and eventually take a cart ride to the locker room. But sometimes true greatness is shown under the most adverse of circumstances! Here’s to hoping Green Bay has a similar winning fate in Week 2…but can I be truly confident with the Vikings coming to Lambeau Field? See the answer to that and other Week 2 picks below…

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Week 2 NFL Picks + Week 3 CFB Predictions

Before I get into the picks below, I’d like to offer my condolences to Arizona Cardinals fans on a premature ending of the 2017 season. Losing running back David Johnson to a wrist injury for a minimum of 9 weeks, if not the season, is a crushing blow that can’t be overstated. He was the heart and soul of an already questionable Arizona offense with an aging quarterback and lack of other proven weapons (other than Larry Fitzgerald). A Kerwynn Williams-Chris Johnson-Andre Ellington three-headed platoon at RB will have the occasional big play, but without DJ, this team is destined for a 6-10, 7-9 type of season. I feel badly for Palmer and Fitzgerald who won’t have many, if any, more opportunities to attempt a sustained playoff run. Truly an unfortunate injury in week one.


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