Cohen’s Corner Week 3 NFL Picks

Poor Arizona fans. The DBacks collapsed down the stretch and are all but certain to miss the playoffs. The Suns and Coyotes don’t appear ready to contend anytime soon so the next great hope was the Cardinals. And through two weeks they have 6 total points…how sad is that? The offensive weapons outside of Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson are anemic…the offensive line is not great…and the playcalling hasn’t been terribly inspiring either. Poor Sam Bradford…or is it also partly his fault?

Either way, will it get better for Arizona this week against what appears to be a top-10 NFL defense in the Bears? I wouldn’t put my money on it!


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Week 3 NFL Picks + Week 4 CFB Predictions

Needless to say this is a crucial week for the Arizona football teams. The Cardinals host the Cowboys on Monday Night Football for their home opener while the Wildcats and Sun Devils are underdogs despite opening Pac-12 play at home. Without spoiling my picks below, I’m picking only one of the three to win this week. Don’t cheat – who do you think it is? (Hint: you’re probably wrong).

Arizona Cardinals v Detroit Lions

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