College Football Week 15 Expert Picks + Week 14 NFL Picks

My two favorite college rivalries…

ASU-Arizona…a battle of winless teams.

Ohio State-Michigan…cancelled.

2020…almost over…but for now it still sucks.

Every year in this space I like to write about what these rivalries mean to me. OSU-Michigan reminds me of Saturday mornings in November with my late-grandfather. He wasn’t that big of a football fan but he was from Ohio so that game was a must watch in the 90s with him. What I wouldn’t give for one more opportunity (he passed away in early-2002)…

And the Territorial Cup…ironically I went to my first game with my grandfather and an uncle in 1995. Watched from the last row in Sun Devil Stadium as the Wildcats won…fortunately. I haven’t missed one in person since 2000 though my 19 game streak ends on Friday night due to COVID restrictions.

Such good memories of attending wins in 2001, 2004, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014, and 2016. The other 12 games…I’ll pass on recollecting.

Based on what I’ve seen thus far this season from Arizona, me not attending might be a good thing. You’ll find my prediction below but I’ll say this, if Arizona wins, I’d be VERY surprised.

In the meantime, hope we’re back to some kind of normalcy by next November when I can attend ASU-Arizona on the Friday after Thanksgiving and watch Ohio State-Michigan the next day.

On to the CFB picks where Adam’s straight up lead is dwindling…while JB’s performance against the spread thus far would’ve made him a wealthy man in Vegas!

To enlarge, right click the image above, and select ‘Open Image In New Tab’

Week 15 CFB BOLD Predictions:

EC: How many times do I have to predict something for it to finally come true? After Arizona puts up a respectable showing in a narrow loss to arch rival ASU, Kevin Sumlin is relieved of his duties despite a hefty buyout. Athletic Director Dave Heeke finds a donor willing to help Arizona start over and rebuild its football program. Shortly after Christmas, current Nevada head man Jay Norvell is named to take over the Wildcats’ rebuilding effort.

AL: Well, what game isn’t cancelled…maybe that should be the bold prediction.  Since my favorite rivalry, THE GAME has been canceled, on to the second-best, The Territorial Cup!  As much as I hate the Scummies in Tempe, they pull out a close game, and shortly after Kevin Sumlin is relieved of his duties. I believe that would make 12 or 13 straight losses dating back to last season. Not asking for a Rose Bowl or National Title contender every year, but in Tucson you should be able to win 7-8 games a year. UofA goes out and gets a young up and comer who we may or may not have heard of before.

JB: Although the Big Ten (wi$ely) changed its rules to permit the (very deserving) Buckeyes to play in the championship game next Saturday, the conference suspends its plan of having all cross-divisional placement games during championship Saturday and instead permits same-conference teams to make up rivalry games. The Badgers-Gophers are officially rescheduled keeping FBS longest running rivalry in tact. (side prediction, the extra game is well received and the Big 10 makes the cross-divisional placement game an annual tradition).

SM: Things look like they are improving for Arizona despite all of the negative chatter in social media land. The Wildcats jump to a 21-0 halftime lead with a great offensive performance. Unfortunately freshman QB Will Plummer gets hurt and can’t go after the first drive of the second half and the wheels fall apart yet again. ASU ends up scoring a bunch in the second half and takes the lead late in the game. Rhett Rodriguez finally puts together a drive at the end but the FG attempt for Arizona to force overtime gets blocked with 5 seconds left.

(NFL picks, Best Bets, & my Pick 5 selections on the next page)


2 thoughts on “College Football Week 15 Expert Picks + Week 14 NFL Picks

  1. With the exception of JB picking UCLA, the college picks look pretty good. Yes, there are a few picks that are different but those games could go either way. Picking UCLA to win is a bit of a stretch. After reading SM’s detailed “Bold Prediction”, I feel like I already watched the game. Your “Bold Prediction” was really good Steve; like you, I hope it all comes true, except the final score and Plummer’s injury is only minor.
    When it comes to the NFL picks, I’m thinking that 3 of mine will be different EC.
    1. Denver over Carolina (I know it’s a big stretch but I’m feeling it).
    2. Buffalo over Pittsburgh (Allen has stepped up his passing game)
    3. Cleveland over Baltimore (“Baker Baker Touchdown Maker” is back, maybe) BOOMER SOONER!!

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