Cohen’s Corner Week 3 NFL Picks

Poor Arizona fans. The DBacks collapsed down the stretch and are all but certain to miss the playoffs. The Suns and Coyotes don’t appear ready to contend anytime soon so the next great hope was the Cardinals. And through two weeks they have 6 total points…how sad is that? The offensive weapons outside of Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson are anemic…the offensive line is not great…and the playcalling hasn’t been terribly inspiring either. Poor Sam Bradford…or is it also partly his fault?

Either way, will it get better for Arizona this week against what appears to be a top-10 NFL defense in the Bears? I wouldn’t put my money on it!


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Week 4 CFB Expert Predictions

College football can be the most unpredictable of sports. I mean – ASU losing to San Diego State, playing with an untested, backup QB…are you kidding me? Wisconsin losing…at home…to BYU…who barely held on to beat a bad Arizona team the other week? But that’s what makes this sport so fun. The roller coaster of emotions on a weekly basis is unparalleled.

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Cohen’s Corner Week 2 NFL Picks

How did Aaron Rodgers pull off the miraculous three touchdown 4th quarter comeback in Week 1 against the Bears?! As a Green Bay fan, I gave up hope after seeing my favorite player leave the game in the second quarter and eventually take a cart ride to the locker room. But sometimes true greatness is shown under the most adverse of circumstances! Here’s to hoping Green Bay has a similar winning fate in Week 2…but can I be truly confident with the Vikings coming to Lambeau Field? See the answer to that and other Week 2 picks below…

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Week 3 CFB Expert Predictions

Let me get this out of the way right now – I HATE college football already this year! My Arizona Wildcats, the team I predicted would go 9-3 and win the Pac-12 South, are a BAD 0-2 with little hope in sight. Khalil Tate, the supposed Heisman hopeful, looks no better than a benchwarmer at this point. Whether it’s a combination of horrendous play calling, bad personnel, and injuries…that doesn’t matter. To say this season thus far has been a MAJOR disappointment is understating things! And on top of that, the team I dislike the most, ASU, is 2-0 and now ranked inside the top-25. As much as I love this sport, my passion will definitely fade in 2018 if these trends keep up.

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Cohen’s Corner Week 1 NFL Picks

Last season I had a respectable¬†171-85 (66.8%) record picking NFL games straight up while still finding a way to stay above .500 against the spread (141-114-1, 55.3%). Can I improve on that in 2018? Looking ahead at this week’s slate, I don’t see a ton of upsets on the docket…here we go:

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Week 2 CFB Expert Predictions

Week 1 was an unmitigated disaster for my college football picks. Most importantly for me, though, Arizona’s U-G-L-Y loss to BYU showed too many flaws for me to pick them for much more than a six win team in 2018. Optimistically I’m going to give them a shot in Houston this week but my head knows better. The play-calling was horrible and to say the offensive and defensive lines were dominated by the Cougars is an understatement.

But things aren’t much better for fans of Texas, UCLA, Michigan, Washington, Miami, and Florida State – all of whom had higher expectations than to lose in embarrassing fashion in Week One. UCLA and FSU can use the new coach / system excuse (similar to UofA) but Texas, Michigan, and Washington all had shots to break through, yet failed spectacularly.

While I’m trying not to overreact to the first set of games in 2018, hopefully Week 2 brings me more luck!

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The Cohen’s Corner 2018 NFL Predictions

My grandfather always used to say: “I may not always be right…but I’m never wrong.” In the case of my season-long (and weekly football picks), unfortunately that isn’t the case. Last year I picked the Patriots to run the table at 19-0…and then they lost Week 1 to the Chiefs. This year I’ll hold off on the bold predictions but below you’ll find my picks for every NFL game during the 2018-19 season. My Super Bowl champion is somewhat under the radar at 11-1 odds…can I actually get it right this year? Continue reading “The Cohen’s Corner 2018 NFL Predictions”